Activities For Elementary School Kids

Crafts, activities, learning activities, science experiments and other fun things to do with elementary age kids – ages 6-12.

Activities for Elementary Age Kids - Grade School Age - fun things from Kids Activities Blog

1,000+ Fun Ideas for Kids Ages 6-12 {Elementary, Grade, Primary School Age}

Elementary school kids are creative, capable, and so much fun! Sometimes they just need a good idea for how to spend their time.

Generally kids in grade school or primary school are between 6-12 and that is what we targeted with these ideas.

Activities for Elementary Age Kids - Grade School Age - fun things from Kids Activities Blog - two 10 year old girls sitting in a hammock overlooking a lake
Pssst…having fun with kids ages 6-12 is easy because they like the same things as we do!

We have activity ideas for all personality types and skill level. Indoor activities, outside activities, games, crafts, and even screen-time recommendations.

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Scroll below to see all the fun ideas!

So many fun craft ideas for kids ages 6-12 - Elementary School age - Kids Activities Blog
Crafts for kids ages 6-12 are fun to do together as a family or classroom.

What are some good crafts for elementary school kids?

Middle school kids can make some great crafts! We love crafts because they provide hours of entertainment and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Most of our ideas are inexpensive and use materials that you already have on hand.


Check out these bracelets from craft sticks and this crayon resist art. They’ll also love this cute frog craft and this jellyfish in a bottle!

Keeping older kids and tweens entertained - Kids Activities Blog
Lots and lots of non-screen activity and craft ideas for older kids!

How can I keep elementary school kids entertained inside?

Staying inside can be a challenge when trying to entertain elementary school kids! But we have great ideas.

Kids will have a blast reading these 50 random facts!

You can also take them on a virtual field trip!

Check out this list of indoor games, too.

What are some good outdoor activities for middle school students?

If the weather cooperates, outside activities can really feed the soul of elementary school kids.

Make this classic pinecone bird feeder. Plant a garden using these tips!

What are some educational activities for elementary schoolers?

Middle schoolers love to learn. Check out these science experiments!

Or social skills with these random acts of kindness cards.

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