20 Smart & Simple Ideas for Storytelling with Kids

Here are 20 great sources of inspiration for ideas for storytelling for kids that I have found helpful for night time/any time storytelling. We want to inspire children through storytelling and help them master the simple elements and structure of storytelling themselves. These storytelling ideas work great in the classroom or at home.

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Storytelling Ideas for kids of all ages

In my house the storytelling usually falls to mother dearest and sometimes, just sometimes!

I need a little storytelling inspiration to help me get going.

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My favorite stories, since my daughter was a teeny tot, have emerged through side-by-side crafting. I sit quietly by Molly’s side as her imagination takes flight when we make little wine cork characters or peg dolls together, or I scribble down her stories in her own words as she draws the pictures.

I realized that almost any type of activity can become a storytelling activity for kids. Embrace your creativity and channel your inner story!

storytelling crafts and tips

1. Tips: How to Tell a Story

David Sewell McCann of Sparkle Stories talks about trusting in your inner voice and creativity and sharing a few of his tips and techniques for telling a story.  Read the article on craftingconnections

2. Tips: Story Prompts

Finding the right words isn’t always easy, sometimes you need a little prompt to get the words flowing! Read about story prompts on craftingconnections

storytelling crafts and tips

3. The Princess and The Pea Play Set

Peg doll playsets are such a fun craft for practicing storytelling and retelling. This inspiring Princess and The Pea Play Set is the perfect ˜story helper ™ that will have your children spinning a yarn or two in no time ¦. and putting the princess to bed over and over again! See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

4. Wine Cork Animals

With just some wine corks, styrofoam balls, glue and paint you too can create some super cute pocket story starter toys – I wonder what this little group of friends get up to! These pocket toys are great for taking along to restaurants or road trips too. via MollyMooCrafts

storytelling crafts and tips

5. Storytelling Using Lego

As kids get older they may become more and more reluctant to participate in face to face storytelling make storytelling easy for my kids ¦ with LEGO! Check out these 7 great tips for storytelling using Lego right here on KidsActivitiesBlog

6. Imaginative play and storytelling inspired by a milk carton

I just adore how a simple little craft lights that little spark in a child’s imagination – watch it take flight and enjoy the gorgeous little stories that pop out. See the magic for yourself on MollyMooCrafts

storytelling crafts and tips

7. Talking Puppets

With just Styrofoam balls, fabric scraps and other household bits and pieces your kids will be dreaming up characters for their stories in no time ¦.. and the puppets talk back!! see how easy they are to make on MollyMooCrafts

8. Superheros & Sidekicks

Continue the wine cork story starter making with some superheros and sidekicks. Who know what crazy adventures these guys will get up to! via mollymoocrafts

storytelling crafts and tips

9. Circus Inspired Puppet Theater

DIY fabric doorway puppet theatre, easy to put up and take down – a winning story starter. See how to make on classic-play

10. Shoebox Puppet Theatre

Spare a thought for all those discarded shoe boxes at back to school time and up-cycle them into mobile theaters for finger puppets and popsicle stick puppets. See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

storytelling crafts and tips

11. Alter-Egos

Use poster boards to create comic book cells – a backdrop for your child’s fantasy comic world and alter egos. Pure genius! from classic-play

12. Jack and The Beanstalk

Make a cast of retelling characters from some clothespins and yarn. via fantasticfunandlearning

storytelling crafts and tips

13. The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Upcycled Puppet from a plastic container and Pom Pom flies!! so clever and funny. What a great craft for storytelling and retelling from two-daloo

14. The Owl & The PussyCat

The possibilities are limitless for story and nursery rhyme storytelling and retelling with wine cork crafting on KidsActivitiesBlog

storytelling crafts and tips

15. Child Made Story Puppets

Bring your children’s art to life and make puppet to act out their wonderful stories. on here and here on KidsActivitiesBlog

16. Gingerbread Man

Storytelling with play dough. Wholesome simple fun from nurturestore

storytelling crafts and tips

17. Group Storytelling Game

Story Stones turned into colorful characters and props make intriguing storytelling tools via babygizmo

18. Make A Story

Your child can be a comic ¦a comic writer that is! check out this free printable on KidsActivitiesBlog

storytelling crafts and tips

19. “I’ll Draw The Pictures And You Draw The Words”

AND finally my favorite thing of all to do is document and keep my daughter’s wonderful stories safe for her to treasure when she is older. They cheer me up each and every time I stumble upon them. See and read two of her stories here and here.

Note from the Author

There should be a place for sharing our children’s stories, what a joyful place that would be!

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What is your favorite storytelling idea? Did we miss how your family tells stories?

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