We have a great list of Pokémon crafts! Kids of all ages will love these Pokémon crafts! From coloring sheets, to snacks, costumes, and more, we have great Pokémon crafts for bigger kids and younger children. Most of these Pokémon crafts are easy, simple, and budget-friendly! They will make you want to catch them all!

Pokemon Crafts for Kids- Pokemon coloring sheets, pokeballs, ash ketchum costume, charmander lego, pokemon suncatcher, pokemon bag

Pokémon Crafts

Do you have a Pokémon obsessed kid at home? Check out these awesome Pokémon crafts for kids! From homemade pokeballs to no-sew costumes and LEGO Pokémon creations, we’ve found the very best tutorials for all things Pokémon.

Or are you or someone you know a Pokémon fan? You’re in the right place! You can use these crafts to make all your favorite characters. These DIY Pokémon crafts are so much fun.

We have a fun craft for every Pokémon lover. Don’t feel like crafting? That’s fine, we have have free printables as well! We also may have one or two educational Pokémon activities as well.

Pokemon Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Mache Pokeball Craft

Kids can design their own pokeball with this paper mache Pokeball craft. This easy DIY pokeball is great for preschoolers and elementary aged children.

2. Pokeball Suncatcher Craft

Make a pokeball suncatcher with just a few supplies! You can hang your own poke ball in your room! A pokéball sun catcher is something little hands can make as well. via And Next Comes L

3. LEGO Charmander Craft

Build a Pokémon Charmander with LEGO. Who doesn’t love a LEGO Charmander! Charmander is one of the original popular Pokémon characters.

4. DIY Ping Pong Pokeball Craft

Looking for more Pokémon diys? Paint ping pong balls to make easy pokeballs. via Warm Hot Chocolate

5. DIY Pikachu Plushie Craft

Use an old sock to make a pikachu plushie! via Budget Hobby

pokemon crafts- Make a Pikachu Hat Craft- Kids Activities Blog- Pikachu ears and tail connected to a yellow headband
Super fun and electrifying Pikachu hat craft!

6. Pikachu Hat Craft

Wanna look like Pikachu? You can with this Pikachu hat craft! It’s so simple to make! And it is really cute.

7. Magnet Pokémon Craft

Try your hand at this magnet Pokémon craft. You can make Aerodactyl and then hang him on your fridge! Perfect to showing off all the Pokémon coloring pages.

8. Sensory Pokémon Bottle Craft

Need something for sensory play? This sensory Pokémon bottle craft is perfect for just that. Whether they’re exploring senses or trying to calm down, this Pokémon sensory bottle is exactly what you need!

9. Pokémon Grimer Slime Craft

Love Grimer? Then you will love the Pokémon Grimer slime. It’s funny, this slime craft is perfect considering what type of Pokémon Grimer is!

Free Printable Pokémon Coloring Pages

pokemon crafts- Cute Pokemon coloring pages and doodle pages- Kids Activities Blog- Pokemon Doodle pages with: Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Diglett, Psyduck, Meowth, Ash Ketchum Hats, and Pokeballs
Cute Pokemon Coloring pages and doodle pages!

10. Cute Pokémon Coloring Pages

Looking for some cute pokemon coloring pages? This Pokémon doodle page is perfect!

11. Free Printable Pokémon Coloring Pages Coloring Craft

Design your own pokeballs with these fun Pokemon coloring pages! via And Next Comes L

12. Printable Pokémon Color By Number

Love coloring? Love Pokémon? Then this free printable Pokémon color by number page is perfect!

13. 100+ Free Pokémon Coloring Pages

Looking for ALL the Pokémon coloring pages? We have them! If you can’t “Catch em’ all” with a pokeball, then you can get them all with coloring pages!

14. Pikachu Coloring Pages

Looking for some Pikachu coloring pages? Then come check out these Pokémon coloring pages, complete with a video drawing and coloring tutorial.

Pokemon Party Crafts

pokemon crafts- Ash Ketchum costume- Kids Activities Blog- Blue vest with yellow pockets, little boy in white and red hat
Need an easy Ash Ketchum costume for Halloween or a party? Or just for pretend play? We got you!

15. No-Sew Ash Ketchum Costume Craft

Dress up like Ash Ketchum with a no-sew Pokémon costume. It’s a simple and super cute Ash Ketchum Costume. You can look just like your favorite Pokémon trainer.

16. DIY Pikachu Ears Craft

These pikachu ears are so easy and adorable to make. via Frog Prince Paperie

17. DIY Pokémon Gift Bags

Pokemon gift bags are perfect for a birthday party. via Mom To My Crazy 2

18. Homemade Fabric Pokémon Favor Bags Craft

Fabric favor bags are perfect for Pokemon fans of all ages. Perfect if you’re throwing a DIY custom Pokemon party. via Simplistically Living

19. Pokémon Bookmark Craft

Make all sorts of Pokémon bookmarks! Make bookmarks that look like Squirtle, Charmander, and even Bulbasaur.

Pokemon Edible Crafts

pokemon crafts- Pokemon Snacks pizza, cupcakes, cookies, poke balls, and pokeball snack tray

20. Edible Pokeballs Craft

These edible pokeballs have a delicious surprise inside! An edible pokeball would be perfect for any Pokémon themed party or just because.

21. DIY Pokeball Serving Tray Craft

Paint a party tray for an easy pokeball serving tray. via Catch My Party

22. Pokeball Cupcakes Edible Craft

Turn cupcakes into pokeballs with this simple tutorial. This is a fun edible craft for older kids. via West of the Loop

23. Homemade Pokeball Cookies Edible Craft

How adorable are these pokeball cookies?! via Cake Central

24. Pokeball Babybell Edible Craft

Make a pokeball from Babybell cheese! Perfect for a school snack. via Cute Food for Kids

25. Pokeball Pizza Edible Craft

This pokeball pizza will make it easy to catch ’em all. via Geekologie

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Which Pokémon is your favorite? Did you try any of these Pokémon crafts? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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