14 Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas to Make This Year

Christmas morning tends to be busy, but my family definitely makes a point of sitting down and sharing breakfast together. These 14 Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas to Make This Year, are some of our favorites!

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

When I was a little girl, my mom always made egg and cheese strata, similar to this yummy Christmas Breakfast Casserole! Even though I generally had to be mega-coerced to set my new toys down and join the family for breakfast, that meal became an integral part of my Christmas morning memories. Whenever I smell my own strata baking, as my daughter opens her gifts every Christmas morning, I’m transported back to my own childhood Christmases. 

14 Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas to Make This Year 

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas: Pancakes and Waffles!

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From the time my daughter was little, I started the tradition of making her a new kind of Christmas pancake for breakfast each year (this began soon after I realized she didn’t entirely love my childhood tradition of egg and cheese strata). It’s just as exciting as opening her presents, because every year, I make a different Christmas pancake creation!

Christmas Tree Waffles are as fun to make as they are to eat! Kids will especially love decorating their own green waffle tree with M&M ornaments!

If waffles aren’t your thing, you can still make an edible Christmas tree out of pancakes! Whip up a batch of green pancakes in different sizes, and then stack them into a mini Christmas tree! Loving this Christmas Tree Pancakes recipe from Sprinkle Some Fun!

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons‘s Rudolph Pancakes are one of my daughter’s favorites! These Christmas pancakes are super easy to make. Just add whipped cream, bacon, a raspberry, and some mini chocolate chips, to decorate your usual pancakes.

If you love gingerbread, Cooking Classy‘s Gingerbread Pancakes will be your new favorite! Add whipped cream and a gingerbread man on top for a breakfast that Santa approves of!

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas: Pastries And Donuts For Kids From 1 To 92

What could be sweeter than pastries and donuts for a festive Christmas Breakfast or Brunch? These ideas are easy to make, and perfect Christmas brunch menu ideas for a crowd, or if you’re serving Christmas brunch for two!

Hungry Happening‘s Christmas Breakfast Pastries look just like Santa’s elves!

Candy Cane Chocolate Donuts, from Petite Allergy Treats, are the prettiest donuts! They’re super festive, and as a bonus, they’re also gluten-free and dairy-free!

Reshape your cinnamon rolls into Christmas trees, and color your frosting green to make The Pinning Mama‘s Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls.

Add pretzel antlers and red M&M noses to your favorite chocolate donuts to make squad of Reindeer Donuts, from Love From The Oven!

Pillsbury‘s Stacked Cinnamon Roll Tree makes the most festive Christmas breakfast/ brunch table centerpiece!  Stack pieces of cinnamon rolls to make a big pull apart Christmas tree. Drizzle with icing and add sprinkles for ornaments!

These adorable Powdered Donut Snowmen, from Worth Pinning, will be a fun kitchen project for the kiddos!

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas: Fun With Fruit!

With all the sugary treats during the holiday season, we wanted to include some healthier versions of holiday snacks and breakfast ideas so that everyone can enjoy a fun and festive Christmas breakfast/ brunch!

Strawberry Santas are the cutest way to decorate each plate! Strawberries with whipped cream look just like mini Santas.

I’m loving Mama Papa Bubba‘s Kiwi and Berry Fruit Tree. Not only is this adorable, it’s a healthy and totally festive holiday breakfast or snack.

If you have grapes, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows, you have all the fixings to make Clean and Scentsible‘s yummy Grinch Kabobs!

You can’t wrong with fruit, Christmas cookie cutters, and nut butter (or sunflower seed butter if there is a nut allergy).

14 Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas to Make This Year

Still Looking for More Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas?

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect way to start your Christmas morning, check out these yummy ideas!

Does your family have a favorite breakfast during the holiday season? Comment below!

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