Here are some delicious and easy Christmas breakfast ideas that will start your Christmas Day in a merry way! Christmas morning tends to be busy, but my whole family definitely makes a point of sitting down and sharing Christmas breakfast together.

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

Festive Christmas Breakfast & Brunch Ideas

These 14 Festive Christmas Breakfast and Christmas Brunch Ideas are some of our favorite easy recipes! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no exception on the best DAY of the year! These best holiday breakfast ideas will make Christmas morning a breeze. Let’s fire up the coffee maker and pour a glass or orange juice…

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1. Christmas Breakfast Casseroles are Easy

Christmas breakfast casserole recipe - Kids Activities Blog - baked breakfast casserole shown in a yellow baking pan on the counter surrounded by ingredients
Let’s make an easy breakfast casserole for Christmas morning.

When I was a little girl, my mom always made egg and cheese strata, similar to this yummy Christmas Breakfast Casserole! Even though I generally had to be mega-coerced to set my new toys down and join the family for breakfast, that meal became an integral part of my Christmas morning memories. Whenever I smell my own strata baking, as my daughter opens her gifts every Christmas morning, I’m transported back to my own childhood Christmases. 

I now understand that one of the reasons why this was such a holiday tradition was that it was make-ahead casseroles plus savory recipes equals delicious idea!

Christmas Breakfast Pancakes & Waffles

2. Christmas Tree Shaped Waffles

Christmas breakfast waffles - 3 green waffles creates a Christmas tree with candy decoration
What an easy way to use traditional waffles for Christmas morning!

Christmas Tree Waffles are as fun to make as they are to eat! Kids will especially love decorating their own green waffle tree with M&M ornaments. You may not even have to grab the maple syrup.

3. Christmas Tree Pancakes Recipe

Green pancakes stacked like a Christmas tree from Sprinkle Some Fun on a red background for Christmas
Oooo…Christmas morning pancakes!

If waffles aren’t your thing, you can still make an edible Christmas tree out of pancakes! Whip up a batch of green pancakes in different sizes, and then stack them into a mini Christmas tree! Loving this Christmas Tree Pancakes recipe from Sprinkle Some Fun!

4. Rudolph Pancakes for Delicious Breakfast Fun

Christmas pancakes that look like rudolph the red nose reindeer from Kitchen fun with my 3 sons
Rudolph pancakes are easy and fun!

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons‘s Rudolph Pancakes are one of my daughter’s favorites! These Christmas pancakes are super easy to make. Just add whipped cream, bacon, a raspberry, and some mini chocolate chips, to decorate your usual pancakes.

5. Gingerbread Pancakes for a Holiday Morning

Stack of pancakes with a gingerbread man on the top for Christmas breakfast from Cooking Classy
Gingerbread man pancakes are perfect for Xmas morning.

If you love gingerbread, Cooking Classy‘s Gingerbread Pancakes will be your new favorite! Add whipped cream and a gingerbread man on top for a breakfast that Santa approves of!

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

Christmas Breakfast Pastries And Donuts For Kids From 1 To 92

What could be sweeter than pastries and donuts for a festive Christmas Breakfast or Brunch? These ideas are easy to make, and perfect Christmas brunch menu ideas for a crowd, or if you’re serving Christmas brunch for two!

6. Special Occasion Breakfast Pastries

selection of homemade character pastries for Christmas breakfast from Hungry Happenings on a cutting board
These Christmas character pastries are just too cute to eat…maybe not!

Hungry Happening‘s Christmas Breakfast Pastries look just like Santa’s elves!

7. Candy Cane Donuts is the Best Part of Christmas

stack of homemade donuts iced with peppermint shown with peppermint sticks for Christmas from Petite Allergy Treats
I dream of these donuts on Christmas eve…

Candy Cane Chocolate Donuts, from Petite Allergy Treats, are the prettiest donuts! They’re super festive, and as a bonus, they’re also gluten-free and dairy-free!

8. Cinnamon Roll Christmas Trees with Cream Cheese Frosting

Christmas tree shaped cinnamon rolls made by the Pinning Mama on a red plate
Christmas trees you can eat for Christmas!

Reshape your cinnamon rolls into Christmas trees, and color your frosting green to make The Pinning Mama‘s Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls.

9. Fun Christmas Brunch Decorations You Can Eat

reindeer donuts from Love from the oven - 5 reindeer donuts shown on a green and red background with pretzel antlers
These reindeer donuts are adorably delicious.

Add pretzel antlers and red M&M noses to your favorite chocolate donuts to make squad of Reindeer Donuts, from Love From The Oven!

10. Next Level Cinnamon Rolls…Literally

Stacked cinnamon rolls that look like a frosted Christmas tree from Pillsbury website on a green plate
Now this is a merry Christmas breakfast!

Pillsbury‘s Stacked Easy Cinnamon Christmas Roll Tree makes the most festive Christmas breakfast/ brunch table centerpiece!  Stack pieces of cinnamon rolls to make a big pull apart Christmas tree. Drizzle with icing and add sprinkles for ornaments!

11. Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas…Powdered Donut Snowman!

powdered donut snowman from worth pinning
Oh the cute snowman possibilities…

These adorable Powdered Donut Snowmen, from Worth Pinning, will be a fun kitchen project for the kiddos!

Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas

Christmas Breakfast Fruit Ideas

With all the sugary treats during the holiday season, we wanted to include some healthier versions of holiday snacks and breakfast ideas so that everyone can enjoy a fun and festive Christmas breakfast/ brunch! Some of these are healthy recipes and some are just fun ways to eat fruit festively.

12. Strawberry Santas are the Perfect Balance

Strawberry Santas are the cutest way to decorate each plate! Strawberries with whipped cream look just like mini Santas. And they surprisingly take minimal effort to make.

13. This Christmas Tree is Made of Fruit

I’m loving Mama Papa Bubba‘s Kiwi and Berry Fruit Tree. Not only is this adorable, it’s a healthy and totally festive holiday breakfast or snack and just screams special occasions!

14. Mini Marshmallows Have Never Been in Better Company

If you have grapes, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows, you have all the fixings to make Clean and Scentsible‘s yummy Grinch Kabobs. Fun Christmas breakfast ideas!

15. Cut Your Fruit into Holiday Shapes

You can’t wrong with fresh fruits, Christmas cookie cutters, and nut butter (or sunflower seed butter if there is a nut allergy).

14 Festive Christmas Breakfast/ Brunch Ideas to Make This Year

16. Cranberry Orange Bread Tastes Like Christmas

Check out our favorite homemade cranberry orange bread recipe that just smells and tastes like Christmas…and the leftovers work great in turkey sandwiches. Try it! Sweet cranberries with that savory turkey…

17. Add Some Crockpot Hot Chocolate to the Breakfast Fun

Christmas brunch recipes go great paired with hot chocolate and our crockpot hot chocolate recipe makes it easy to make and serve even if breakfast isn’t over in a few minutes.

18. Add Some Spiced Apple Cider

Check out our easy make ahead mulling spices recipe for the most delightful and easiest thing to make…spiced apple cider which can be one of super easy crockpot recipes!

More Festive Christmas Breakfast & Brunch Ideas

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect way to start your Christmas morning, check out these yummy ideas. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t left much room for a big Christmas dinner! And don’t forget to open the presents…

Does your family have a favorite breakfast during the holiday season? Comment below!

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