When bedtime takes forever, it can be something that you start to dread instead of something that you look forward to.   You can start to regret those nighttime routines that you started and wish that you had started with a quick one instead.   That’s ok… today we have some solutions!

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I can’t sleep….!

Common Bed Time Scenario

Picture this…

We have four kids pretty close in age and bedtime can take a very long time.  

Taking a bath, having a snack, books, prayers, songs, a glass of water, brushing teeth, etc… it can take forever!  

The problem is that sometimes they don’t want you to go.   They ask you to stay or they come out of their room 10 times to_____  (fill in the blank here: get a drink, get another hug, need their blankets fixed, etc…)

ideas To speed up bed time

We asked our FB community on Quirky Momma to give us ideas that have worked for them to make bed time an easier time of day and this is the genius advice from real parents that we were given…

1. Declare a Special Bed Time Day

“You could try to make special Fridays. Tell her that every Friday, Mommy will lay with her until she falls asleep, but she has to be a big girl the other nights.” ~Donna P

2. Look at Bed Time with Some Perspective

Try to enjoy it & realize that this will end soon… “My youngest and I cuddle up every night and sing lullabies until she falls asleep. They are only young once! ~Sarah H

3. Bedroom is for B.E.D.

Do all of the ‘before bed’ things out of the bedroom.  “Read a book in the living room, pray but not in her room. When she goes to her bedroom it means sleep time.” ~Bebel F

4. Set a Timer for “Just Us Time”

Set a timer for 15 minutes of “just us time.”  After 15 minutes, have the timer go off, give a kiss and leave the room.

5. Practice the 1, 2, 3 Bed Time Method

I did the 1, 2, 3 method. Leave for one minute then go back in the room whether she has got up or not, say how pleased you are quietly and quickly the leave for 2 mins then 3 and so on until she is asleep. If she cries leave her, if she gets out go back in with no words and put her back to bed and leave again!” ~ Rebekah P

6. Structured Bed Time Routine

We do the reading time between 7 and 7.30 and I allow a half of an hour to sit with my son until he goes to sleep usually just before 8. If he takes any longer than that I explain that I have to get up and do some things and that I will come back and check on him.” ~ Jessica W

7. Bed Time Story in the Dark

I turn on the fairy lights in our bedroom and read a story together. I read with a L.E.D nightlight on the top of the book. I then read until she is asleep.” ~Rebekah D

8. Setting Realistic Expectations for Bed Time

Explain how things should be going. Explain that you will read one book, then say your prayer, tuck you in, give you a hug and kiss. And when bed time routine is done, say good night and walk out. As hard as it will be, remember that you make the rules to help your child.  This works well for my three kids and I check on them until well after they are in bed..” ~ Kristine B

9. Same Bedtime Book, Same Bedtime Routine

We started doing the same routine every night: read goodnight moon hugs and kisses cuddles and finish with her favorite song. I always tell her we are just outside if she needs us. First week or so we would go back in a few times then it become less and less and eventually it is a smooth process. Every once in a while she calls for us, but no longer makes a habit of it.” Johanna J

10. Be There

“Stay just until she is asleep. Bring your phone with you or a book. We used to have trouble with our girls staying in their room, so we just stayed in their room until they fall asleep. They are normally asleep in about 10 mins.” ~Natalie W

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Do you have any advice for bed time?

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