Pom Pom Caterpillars

Our fuzzy pom pom caterpillar craft is easy to make and kids love ’em!

Spring is just around the corner. And you know what that means — flowers, rainbows, sunshine, green grass … and  bugs! We have an easy pom pom tutorial for our favorite “bug” of all, caterpillars!

How to Make Pom Pom Caterpillars

How to Make Pom Pom Caterpillars

Perfect for imaginary and sensory play, these soft, bright caterpillars will delight children of all ages!

Materials and Directions:

  • pom poms
  • wiggly eyes
  • embroidery floss
  • sewing needle
  • hot glue
  • scissors

Begin by threading your needle.

How to Make Pom Pom Caterpillars

Pull the thread directly through the middle of the pom poms. Be sure to tie the end off!

How to make colorful pom pom caterpillars!

Repeat until all of the pom poms are strung. Tie off the string and trim  the excess.

Make pom pom caterpillars!

Decide which end of the caterpillar is the head, then rethread your needle. Starting at the bottom of the pom pom, pull the thread up through the middle and out towards either the right or left. Repeat, pulling the thread towards the opposite side. Now the caterpillar has antennae!

Pom Pom Caterpillars

Secure the wiggly eyes to the pom pom with hot glue. If desired, stitch a small smile onto the face of the caterpillar.

Pom Pom Caterpillar

How adorable! Pom Pom Caterpillars make a great non-candy Easter Egg filler and are simply fun to play with!

Make Pom Pom Caterpillars!

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Pom pom crafts are soft, bright, inexpensive, and fun! We think they’re perfect for spring. 

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