We are crazy for chicks this Easter! From Chick Treat Pails to Plastic Egg Chicks, they are the  perfect craft inspiration for spring. Shared below is a tutorial for Giant  Pom Pom Chicks. Kids love this craft that doubles as a pillow or ball. (affiliates included) Giant Pom Pom Chicks are so much fun for Easter!

Giant Pom Pom Chick

This pom pom is huge ”it’s actually the  size of a small ball! Just for fun, check out the LEGO mini figure pictured next to it. We found our pom pom in a local craft store, but you  can find some similar, here. Giant Pom Pom Chicks This craft is easy to do and requires minimal supplies. First, secure extra large wiggly eyes to the pom pom with hot glue. Giant Pom Pom Chicks Then cut a diamond shape from stiff orange felt. Fold the felt and glue down half of it to the pom pom. Giant Pom Pom Chicks Next cut two wings from stiff yellow felt. TIP: Fold the felt and cut both wings at the same time so they are symmetrical. Giant Pom Pom Chicks Last,  cut feet for the chick from the stiff orange felt. Giant Pom Pom Chicks Isn’t this craft adorable? My kids love to play with their  new Easter friend! Giant Pom Pom Chicks

Baby Chick Craft

If you liked our Giant Pom Pom chick, you will adore our sweet little baby chick. Click the image below to see more! Simple Baby Chick

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