These parenting products are going to make you think, “How did I make it through without these?” You totally can make it through, but you just won’t want to after you see them. Trust us. These genius parenting products also make great gifts for the new or overworked parent on your gift list!

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Bet you didn’t know you needed this genius parenting product!

The Best Baby Gadgets

Being a mom to little ones is hard, and I love finding things that can make it smoother. I mean, why patiently blow on your kids food for 20 minutes when there is a plate that will do it for you?

I’m super old school, when I had my kids we had the basics every child needed. Clothes, binkies, bottles, crib, etc. But, it wasn’t until my friends started having kids and buying all these super cool baby gadgets (some I didn’t even know existed) I realized how many of these are actually huge life savers! Here are the best baby gadgets that you didn’t know you needed!

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Brilliant Parenting Products You Had No Idea You Needed

1. Wupzy High Chair Food Catcher

I just found out about this High Chair Food Catcher and can’t believe I’ve never seen it! This goes under your kids’ high chair tray and catches all the food they drop. So smart.

High Chair Food Catcher

2. Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator 

This Baby Vac is literally a tiny snot vacuum. Seriously. It works infinitely better than the regular bulb syringes.


3. Bamboo Suction Bowl and Plate

Does your little one love throwing their plate or bowl? Tired of all the food being thrown in the floor? Then this suction plate and suction bowl set are just what you need!

suction plate and suction bowl

4. Kiinde Twist Universal Direct-Pump Feeding System

If you are a pumping mom this Kiinde Breast Milk Storage system is a must-have. It allows you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. No messy milk transfer or the risk of (gasp!) spilling it.

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage System

5. Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates 

These Lingerie Bags are absolutely perfect for washing small socks that always end up missing.

Lingerie Bags

6. Gro Anywhere Blind

My kids could never nap if the sun was shining through their window. This portable The Gro Anywhere Blind can fit on any window in just minutes to help your littles ones sleep.

The Gro Anywhere Blind

7. Oogiebear

The best way to grab those stubborn boogers out of kids noses without using your fingers. This Oogiebear is perfect for kids that can’t understand how to blow their nose (like mine).


8. NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

These Num Num Dips Spoons grab food without having to scoop and don’t leave a big mess. This is the perfect way to start kids self-feeding.

Num Num Dips

9. Toilet Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat

I remember seeing this Built In Potty Seat at a friend’s house and thinking, “I have to have this!” It is a small potty seat built right into your normal seat so you don’t have to switch out each time your child uses the toilet.

Built In Toilet Seat

10. My Drinky

My Drinky is for the little ones that squeeze their juice boxes into a juice eruption (which I think is all children). This one can hold the tiny juice boxes up to the large ones.

My Drinky

11. Dual Sided Frozen Treat Holders

These Frozen Treat Holders conveniently hold all your kids popsicles and ice cream treats protecting their hands from a mess. It can be used with any kind of frozen treat!

Dual Sided Frozen Treat Holders

12. Car Seat Protector Piddle Pad

This Piddle Pad little pad fits snuggly in the bottom of your car seat to protect it against diaper blow outs. It’s so much easier to take this out for a washing then to take apart the whole car seat.

Piddle Pad

13. Tiny Bites Food Shears

These little Bite Sizers scissors are perfect for cutting up bite-sized pieces quickly. I feel like I spent 90% of my life with a baby cutting up food!

BiteSizers Portable Food Scissors

14. Ear, Forehead and Touchless Thermometer

This FridaBaby Thermomerter goes in the baby’s ear and their forehead to check their temperature. But that isn’t all! This 3-in-1 thermometer also makes checking the temperature of their nursery and their bottles super easy too! No more milk all over the wrist!

3-in-1 thermometer

15. Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

As cool as the 3-in-1 thermometer is, my second child was not having any thermometer. This Vick’s pacifier thermometer would have made things so much easier!

Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

16. Medi Frida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser

This may look silly, but based on the 9,000+ reviews it really works and helps your little one get comfortable with taking their medicine instead of it being traumatic every time.

Medi Frida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser

17. Baby Shusher the Sleep Miracle 

This baby shusher has been talked about on so many different parenting websites, and honestly, I wish I would have had this. It’s a noise maker that softly shushes your child until they fall asleep.

baby shusher the sleep miracle

18. Battery Operated Stroller Fan

I did have this! Let me tell you it is a lifesaver! Go to the park a lot? Does your child get hot on walks? Then this battery operated stroller fan is a must.

battery operated stroller fan

19. SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

The SNOO smart sleeper bassinet may be pricier, but it promotes up to 2 more hours of sleep by rocking and creating rumbling sounds for your baby. It even responds to their cries, AND it helps prevent your baby from risky rolling.

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

20. The Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy Safety Thermometer

I love these! I had one similar, the color would change in the bath was too warm, but this one has an actual temperature gauge to help let you know if the bath is too hot or too cold.

The Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy Safety Thermometer
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Which baby product have your tried? Do you have a different one you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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