Figuring out how to fly with a baby  is challenging!  Babies need lots of stuff and are unpredictable.  Planes are full of other people and don’t like a lot of stuff. Getting advice from other parents who have been through it is probably the best bet for flying with a baby success! Tips for Flying with a Baby  

Flying with a Baby

The easiest method is to avoid all air travel. Yep!  That IS the easiest, but sometimes that isn’t the BEST choice. First, making sure YOU have everything you need is a good start.  How often do we worry so much about the baby and the things baby needs and forget basic parent-necessities.  The next step is to realistically pack for baby.  This is hard because you want to keep it as light as possible, but you need to have solutions for little problems that will crop up along the journey.  Taking a good hard look at your diaper bag is a good start – What hasn’t been used in awhile?  What might be left behind without notice?  What can be washed out upon arrival? Then add  a change of clothes for both of you!  Hopefully, you won’t need it, but if you do…you will feel like a parenting genius. The final piece of advice this mom of three flying kids can give is relax.  When I am all worried about how the kids will act, then they feel it.  They feed off the negative energy and can fulfill your worst travel nightmare. Schedule plenty of time so you don’t start rushed.  Smile a lot.  Laugh.  Take a stroll in the airport – keep moving while you can.  Deep yoga breaths, when necessary.  Take on this challenge as an adventure!

More Advice for Flying with a Baby

We asked our FB community for their tips for flying with a baby and here are some of our favorite answers: –Don’t stress about other people one the plane. They either have kids it will one day and they will get over it!You can make little goody bags to give to the passengers around you. Include cheap disposable ear plugs, maybe a candy bar, and a note about how this is his first flight and he is just a baby so please be patient if he cries. I’ve read about others doing this and it’s been very successful and easing your stress a bit and surrounding people.Ask for a bulkhead seat when you reserve your flight so you will have more room and feed during takeoff and landing so his ears won’t hurt.Sometimes they will be content, sometimes babies scream.   Just try to let go of the worry.   Usually all the moms and grandmas on the plane will have your back.   Babies cry and people will get over it. Tips for Flying with a Baby

These are some of our favorite items to help you fly with a baby:

Kids Earplane Ear Plugs – Relieves air pressure discomfort and sized for kids ages 1-10. Infant Airplane Seat – A special seat just for baby to fly!   This gives them a place to sit and sleep without buying an extra seat for them. Baby K’Tan Carrier – Let the baby snuggle up to you and keep your arms free.

Here are even more great articles about tips for flying with a baby:

Tips for Flying with a Baby from Spoonful (Incredibly helpful ideas!) All Things Airplane from Jack & Jill See The World (A whole website dedicated to traveling with children!) Traveling with an Infant from Kids Activities Blog If you have tips, please stop by our FB page and let us know what has worked for your family!

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