Sometimes you  end up away from your kids. A line at the store takes longer than it should, a car breaks down. Things happen, and it’s nice to know that your baby is getting fed while you’re gone. But, when your baby is refusing bottles, this adds even more stress! What do you do when baby refuses to take a bottle? Advice from real moms Post by We asked our Facebook community and here were our favorite answers:
  • We had to change the flow of the nipple for my child. It was too slow for her.
  • The silicone nipples can be very hard compared to beast feeding. We found using the playtex nurser bottles with the drop ins and a latex (the brown) nipples in fast flow worked wonders.  
  • For us it was time  and the Momma bottle by Lanisoh.  Just keep trying everyday and hang in there momma!!!
  • Tommee tippee worked great for us!
  What do you do when baby refuses a bottle?  Some great advice from real moms.

 Here are Some Bottles that Helped our Facebook Community:

Here are More Helpful Articles for When Baby is Refusing the Bottle:

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