15 Barbie Hacks & DIY’s

I can’t wait to get started on all of these Barbie hacks!

If you have a little one like mine who loves all things Barbie, these ideas are going to blow your mind. I had no idea you could give her so many different hair styles.

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY's

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY’s

Use cardboard and craft sticks to make this amazing Barbie closet! via Hey, It’s Muff

Store all of Barbie’s tiny accessories like her shoes and purses in a craft organizer. via Suburble

Is Barbie’s hair a tangled mess? Here is how to fix it! via Housing A Forest

Or give her a new shade! You can easily dye Barbies hair with food coloring. via How to Adult


The Barbie Store It All has a place for everything! This little container is amazing.

Give Barbie curls! If you have a straight haired Barbie and want to give her curls, here is how. via How to Adult

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY's

Use a couple empty plastic bottles to build your Barbie a boat, perfect for bath time! via Dishfunctional Designs

This is so cool! Make pretend doll food from coupons and other magazine ads! via Shades of Tangerine

Or make her and Ken a couple of lawn chairs! via Fynes Designs


Make a place for all her outfits with this wooden clothing rack. via Lil Blue Boo

Use paper clips to make tiny Barbie hangers for her clothes. via Agus Yornet

Make her a tote bag from an empty mini shampoo bottle and duct tape! via Be A Fun Mum

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY's

Turn a small plastic storage tote into a Barbie bed that is adorable and functional. via Beneath the Rowan Tree

Make Barbie some luggage using a soap holder! Love this fun idea. via Kids Kubby

Have the coolest and most modern dollhouse around! This upcycled Barbie house is incredible. via Funky Junk Interiors

More Fun Barbie Accessories:

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY's

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This Barbie Dream House is the perfect place for your child to house and play with all their favorite Barbies! Or if your Barbie wants to take a nap, set out this Barbie Hammock for her. This Barbie Art Studio Playset is a great setup to have if your child is interested in painting! Store all of Barbie’s clothes in this Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet, and don’t forget to get Barbie a new car

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Leave a comment: Which DIY Barbie hack do you and your child want to try first? 


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