I love using mason jars for fun storage solutions. A home can be a more peaceful place when it’s organized. Using mason jars to keep little things in one place makes so much sense. Mason jar storage can match any decor or used recycled items from around your home, which makes me love these canning jar storage ideas that much more!

18 Effective Ways To Organize With Mason Jars (text) collage of mason jar storage ideas from hanging in pantry to use in the bathroom
Let’s have some pretty mason jar storage solutions!

Mason Jar Storage Ideas

I’ve always used mason jars to store food in the kitchen. May it be canning food, snacks, seasonings, I never thought about mason jars being used for other things around my house. I love how clever people are about organizing their homes and saving space. So we gathered the best mason jar storage ideas!

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18 Effective Ways To Organize With Mason Jars

1. Mason Jar Bathroom Organization

Make this fun wall caddy with mason jars to hang and hold cotton balls, makeup brushes, and anything else you want to grab quickly. What an easy way to help keep your bathroom organized. via The DIY Playbook

2. Tiny Mason Jars For Spices

Use mini mason jars to make yourself an awesome spice drawer where you can find everything you need fast. This is a great way to keep the kitchen cabinets organized. Best part is, you can use a variety of sizes and glass jars for them. Great way to free up counter space. Won’t need that lazy Susan anymore. via Bright Green Door

3. Hanging Mason Jars Storage

Use the space under the cabinets to store your pastas and other foods. These hanging mason jars are such a great way to save space when space is limited. via HGTV

4. Mason Jar Storage

Mason jars are the perfect place to keep all your small craft supplies like buttons and other odds and ends. It is one of my favorite mason jar storage tips, mainly because it helps me keep my crafting room clean. via Poofy Cheeks

5. Mason Jar Pantry Storage

I think many of us can agree boxes and bags can make the pantry look super crowded, super quickly. Instead of keeping everything in it’s original box, move it to a jar and have the most beautifully organized pantry ever! via HomeTalk

6. Coffee Jar Ideas

I never knew that your coffee creamer lid could fit on a jar just perfectly! Switch it over for a pretty way to keep your creamer on the counter. Hint: you can also do this coffee jar idea with your ground coffee as well. It would work for other dry foods too like powdered milk, butter, cheese, etc. via Yesterday on Tuesday

Mason jar pantry storage for holding beans, flour, and seasonings.
Love these awesome Mason jar storage ideas!

7. Glass Jar Pencil Holder

Decorate a jar for an adorable pencil holder. This glass jar pencil holder can be easily turned into a yellow pencil holder. This is one of my favorite ways to keep my desk organized. via Mason Jar Crafts Love

8. Ribbon Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars also make the most perfect place to store ribbon! With the right top you can easily pull your ribbon through and it won’t get tangled and all over the place. What a wonderful way to keep your crafting supplies together. via Yesterday on Tuesday

9. Bathroom Jars

These giant jars in your bathroom make matching accessories to hold cotton balls and q-tips. They can also be used as toothbrush holders. Ball Mason jars are the perfect containers for Q-tips. via Happy Go Lucky

10. Toothbrush Holder

This is a super cool and fun way to hold your toothbrushes! Plus, it is big enough it can hold up to 5-6 toothbrushes without touching. And I won’t lie, this toothbrush holder is super cute and a great way to use a mason jar that may no longer have a lid anymore. via Fireflies and Mudpies

11. Makeup Brush Holder

How cute are these mason jar makeup brush holders! Are you makeup brushes always taking up your drawers? Mine are! Which is why I love this! I can finally get them out of the way. via Modern Design Life

Mason jar storage ideas for yellow number 2 pencils and utensils for picnics.
Mason jar storage at home.

12. Kitchen Organization Jars

I adore this mason jar farmhouse kitchen set. It comes with a soap dispenser, a utensil holder, a sponge holder, and more. via Etsy

13. Mason Jar Pantry Ideas

Do you bake a lot? I do! I always have a big stock of flour and sugar. A wide mouth mason jar is the perfect solution to storing these dry goods! via Whipperberry

14. Frosted Mason Jar Storage

I think frosted glass is so pretty! It really stands out I think and these frosted mason jars are super cute for storing plastic cutlery and straws! What a great idea! via Clean and Scentsible

15. Mason Jar Labels

These gorgeous free labels cover everything from cookies to coffee. That way you will be able to easily tell what is in each jar. Mason jar storage isn’t just about putting things away, it’s about knowing what is in the mason jars too. via Emanuela Hoffman

16. Chalkboard Labels

Grab these chalkboard labels you can customize. I actually use these in my kitchen. There is something so great about mason jars and chalkboard labels. It just looks rustic and homey to me.

Mason jar organizer ideas to label berries, flour, and seasoning.
Mason jar storage in the pantry.

17. Super Cute Mason Jar Labels

Here are more pantry labels you will love! These are super cute and there is one for everything from noodles, flour, sugar, all the way to oats and candy. via Elephant Shoe

18. Blue And White Printable Mason Jar Labels

These free labels are bright and colorful and will make your kitchen pop! I really like the blue and white, it just makes everything seem more bright and cheery. via Becoming Martha

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