We all have heard the saying that big things come in small packages.

That couldn’t be more true of the videos that we have for you today!

Big personalities abound in these teeny tiny bodies…

These Tiny Animals Have Big Personalities Video - Kids Activities Blog
My personality is bigger than it looks…

Teaching dogs of any age can be fun, and a chore.

But to have a seven-month-old puppy who has mastered so many tricks has to be a record!

This is Misa Minnie. She’s little, but don’t let her size make you think she isn’t capable of doing whatever she wants.

Check out all of Misa’s amazing tricks!

World’s Cutest Puppy Video

Misa and her brother have been taking the internet by storm, but it’s really her big heart and determination that makes her such a champ.

Want to see more ‘Bigger Than Life’ little animals?

Meet The World’s Smallest Dog Video

This tiny terrier is no bigger than a Coke can, but has the personality of a lion!

10 Smallest Animals In The World Video

Some of the  tiny critters in this video caused a big stir when they were discovered!


What was your favorite big personality?

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