African Animals Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack

This African Animals Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack will have your children saying “lions and tigers and elephants, oh my!”

This worksheet pack can be used for different age groups from preschool to 1st grade.

animals printable kindergarten worksheet

This African Animals theme pack will aid in practice within a variety of subjects from writing to math to fine motor skills. We have included 9 pages with numerous activities.

African Animals Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack

Activities in this worksheet pack include:

  • tracing lines
  • and tracing shapes
  • tracing numbers
  • letter recognition
  • size recognition
  • less than and greater than
  • coloring sheets

This fun printable pack is free!

animals printable kindergarten worksheet

Africa is home to lots of different animals. See if your children can name all the different ones in this packet and the animal sounds they make.  

For older children who are already writing include another activity to  list  other African animals that are not shown in this worksheet pack.

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