Animal worksheets for kids! Today we have an African Animals themed 9 page free printable worksheet pack for kids. You can download and print the animal worksheets for your Kindergarteners and first graders at home or in the classroom. These printable African Animal activity sheets include: tracing lines, tracing shapes, tracing numbers, letter recognition, size recognition, less than and greater than, and coloring sheets.

animals printable kindergarten worksheet theme pack k-1st- kids activities blog- 4 printable worksheets with a lion and giraffe on a grass and sky background
Let’s have some learning fun with these kindergarten African animal worksheets!

Free Printable Worksheets For Kindergarteners and 1st Graders

This African Animals theme pack will aid in practice within a variety of subjects from writing to math to fine motor skills. We have included 9 pages with numerous activities.

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There are 9 pages of Kindergarten and 1 grade worksheets that are African animal themed. You can download and print for hours of elementary learning fun. Click the green button to download the African animal learning pack:

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African Animals Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack Includes:

1. Simple Trace The Lines Worksheet

African animals worksheet trace the lines with a snake, dog, and gazelle
Can you trace all 3 lines?

This cute trace the lines worksheet has 3 different animals on it. Follow each dotted line from one animal to the other. It gets harder as you go, but you’ve got this!

2. Complex Trace the Lines Worksheet

First trace the lines worksheet too easy? We got you! Try this sheet! Again, it has cute African animals that you need to connect using the line, but be careful these lines are tricky!

3. Trace The Shapes Activity Worksheet

Trace the shapes around the cute African animals! Can you trace the square, the circle, the triangle, and hexagon?

4. Fun Find The R Worksheet

African animals worksheets find the letter r letter jumble with rhino
Can you find all the letter r’s?

Work on your abc skills by finding all the letter r’s amidst the scrambled letters. Rhino starts with r!

5. Nice Number Tracing Worksheet

Look how cute that little gazelle is! Can you reach him? You have to trace all the numbers first! Trace the letters 1-9, you’ve got this!

6. Circle The Smallest Worksheet

We have rows of giraffes, ostriches, and elephants. Which animal in each row is the smallest?

7. Greater Than Less Than Worksheet

African animals worksheet- less than greater than with numbers, boxes, and crocodile
Which numbers are less than and which numbers are greater than?

This is a trickier math worksheet in our African animals worksheet pack. Which numbers are greater than and which numbers are less than?

8. Super Cute Coloring Sheet

Color this jaguar coloring sheet! Look how cute the jaguar looks. It looks so friendly. What color are the Jaguar’s spots?

9. African Animals Coloring Page

Don’t put your crayons away just yet! We have another African animal page with a cute lion and an adorable elephant!

animals printable kindergarten worksheet- kids activities blog with worksheets and elephant against sky and grass background
Don’t forget to download this African animals printable worksheet pack!

Download and Print The African Animals Worksheets PDF File Here

This fun printable pack is free!

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