A Dad, John D’Eri, and a big brother, Tom D’Eri, realized that with the end of high school, Andrew, would have very little meaningful engagement in his life – with no hope of that changing.

Andrew D’Eri has autism, and while his is high functioning, he would struggle finding and keeping a job after high school.  

Gutsy Dad Started Car Wash with a Purpose Video - Kids Activities Blog
It happened at the car wash…

They did not want him to be idle and without a purpose to his days.  

There are real gaps in the services and support that a community gives to adults who are on the spectrum.  

autism car wash

That is when the D’Eri’s decided  to use what others might see as a disability – the need that many with autism have for structure, repetitive tasks, attention to detail, etc. – and create a job just for him, and others in his position.

The Rising Tide Car Wash was created.

Dad Started Car Wash for Son Video

Not only are they performing a service to the community, they are also giving 35 people with disabilities a job, some independence and support.

If you are in or around Parkland, FL, stop by, get your car washed!


Don’t you love this dad’s story?

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