Groundhog Day Coloring Pages

Free Groundhog day coloring pages to give to your little one! These coloring pages are a creative way to learn about this special day.

When you click the download button below, you will get two Groundhog day coloring pages:

  • one features a groundhog coming out of his burrow with his iconic hat
  • the other one features a groundhog holding two signs: “6 more weeks of winter”, or “spring is on the way”.
Groundhog Day coloring pages
These Groundhog Day coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages.

Free Coloring Pages for Groundhog Day

You don’t need a lot to make this date a special one. To celebrate Groundhog Day, all you have to do is color these coloring pages while you learn about this day.

Groundhog Day is when people look to the groundhog to predict the weather for the next six weeks.

Happy Groundhog Day coloring pages
Happy Groundhog Day coloring pages!

The superstition says that if the groundhog sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat and winter will continue for six more weeks.

But if it is cloudy, then spring will come early that year.

It really is a fun tradition for kids of all ages!

Groundhog day coloring pages to print
Grab your favorite bright crayons and enjoy these coloring pages of Groundhog Day.

Download here:

Need coloring supplies? Here are some kid favorites:

You can find LOADS of super fun coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

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