I love fostering independence in my kids through activities, watching them problem solve and try things new ways.  Brain Building through play! There are two activities that are super simple and will keep your kids engaged for hours: 1) Building with plastic cups.  They create towers, bridges, walls, forts, etc. 2) Blowing straws… I think the kids were four before they figured out on their own accord what a spit wad was… and the classic battle weapon of childhood was reborn in another generation. Q-Tip Blow Dart Game Combine them and channel those fascinations… say  no to spit by encouraging the kids to use cotton swabs.  Add some cups and you have a target that is *not* mom… and hours of brain building fun.

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Q-Tip Blow Dart Game

All you need are:
  • Straws (narrow ones are best)
  • Handful of Q-tips
  • Plastic cups – the more the better
How to play: Kids build a tower – if you have multiple kiddos who love competition you can have them each create towers and then “attack” the other team… my girls  tend to get their feelings hurt easily, so they built their tower together, and then knocked it down together too! Q-Tip Blow Dart Game Put a q-tip inside the straw and blow the straw at your target (aka, the wall of cups).  It is harder than it looks – and hours of fun! The cups do not fall down easily.  Kids have to build the walls with gaps close enough that the tower is stable, but big enough gaps that the cups will fall down when the darts hit them. knock down a cup tower with straw darts. What activities have kept your kids going for hours?? There is a variation of this blow-dart game that is perfect for younger preschoolers – or if you don’t want to sacrifice a ton of plastic cups (yes, they will be bent and ruined in the above activity).  Check out the straw game over at That’s What She Said.

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