Need things to do when your kids are bored? Looking for crafts to do when bored for kids? We have a great way or two to keep your kids busy and not bored. Older children and younger children will love all these fun things to do, that don’t require any screen time.

Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored- DIY bird feeder, list jar, mud pies, would you rather, paper dolls, red cup race- kids activities blog
We have the best things for kids to do when they’re bored!

Things to Do with Bored Kids

We have all experienced the wrath of bored kids.  Usually out of boredom, great imagination is sparked! Just check out, “Your Boredom is not my Problem.

The best part is, any other bored family member can join in on the fun activity. These boredom busters are for everyone. Whether it is sunny out or you are dealing with rainy days we have all the best things for the entire family.

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Things to Make with Bored Kids

Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored- homemade bird feeder, diy stilts, and im bored jar- kids activities blog
You can make a bird feeder and help nature when you’re bored!

1. Make A Homemade Bird Feeder

You can have your children make a simple bird feeder to hang out in the yard with this project from Not So Average Mama. It’s one of the best fun activities, and it’s good for helping the wild life.

2. Craft A Homemade Butterfly Feeder

While you’re feeding the birds, how about taking care of the butterflies too!  This easy homemade butterfly feeder will do the trick!

3. Use Tin Cans To Make Stilts

Take it back old school with tin can stilts!  You can find complete instructions via Juggling Act Mama.  This project does require the help of an adult.

4. I’m Bored Jar

Another great idea is to help them make a Mom I’m bored jar from Somewhat Simple.

5. DIY Board Game Craft

A great creative activity for bored kids is to make your own board game, you can find great instructions at Tip Junkie.

Messes to Make with Bored Kids

Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored- mud pies, diy tie dye, red solo cup races- kids activities blog
I’m not sure which is more fun!? Mud pies, tie dye, and cup races!

6. DIY Chalk Paint Activity

Maybe it’s time to kill the boredom by getting messy!  This DIY Chalk Paint from Juggling Act Mama is perfect!

7. Learn To Tie Dye

Another fun colorful mess can be made by using science to tie dye!

8. Volcano Science Experiment

Looking for science experiments? Let’s make a giant mess outside building a volcano!

9. Coffee Playdough Mud

If the weather isn’t nice, you can bring some outdoor fun inside by making this mud-like coffee playdough.

10. Squirt Gun Races

It’s not really messy, but getting wet is always fun!  Check out this squirt gun races activity from This Grandma is Fun. Love good ideas, and this is definitely one of them. Just make sure you have a decent sized outdoor space for it.

Printables for Bored Kids

Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored- would you rather, have you worksheet, alphabet scavenger hunt- kids activities blog
Bored kids? Give them these free printables!

11. I’m Bored Printable

Spark some boredom killer ideas with this “I’m Bored” free printable from Eat Pray Read Love.

12. Paper Dolls Printable

Kids of all ages can enjoy these paper dolls. This printable also doubles as coloring pages. Which is a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills. I used to spend hours designing paper dolls as a kid.  Get your own kids started with these free printable paper dolls from 100 Directions.

13. Printable Lego Challenge Cards

Do you have a LEGO lover in the family?  Use these printable LEGO challenge cards from A Few Shortcuts to bust their boredom. This is one of my family’s favorite list of activities, we are a Lego family.

14. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Printable

Scavenger hunts are always fun.  This alphabet scavenger hunt from Best Activities for Kids is a great place to start. This treasure hunt is a fun way to learn, keep active, and ensure everyone will have a great time.

15. Print Out Jump Rope Songs

Print these jump rope songs from Five Little Chefs for your kids and encourage them to get some fun exercise while learning the songs. Everyone will have the perfect time with jump roping and songs! The whole family can get active!

16. Printable Would You Rather Questions

Want more free activities? Lets not forget the tweens in the family.  This printable activity of 50 would you rather questions is perfect! This one is so great for older kids and a good way to get some giggles and work on critical thinking. ~ Mom of 6

Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored- child bored with head in hands.
We have so many great things to do when your kids are bored.

More Great Ideas for Bored Kids From Kids Activities Blog:

Which boredom busters are your favorite? What do you do when your kids are bored? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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