Let’s go back to 90’s and bring back memories about the Spin and Skip toy. Some call it Spin-it!,   I call it – my favorite toy when I was growing up. I was super excited to introduce it to my daughter when she was old enough. We couldn’t find to buy anywhere so we had to make it. And we did. Few times already. Every time perfecting the last one we made. Follow our simple instructions to make your own DIY Spin and Skip Toy. sping and skip toy

To make a Spin and Skip toy you will need:

  • Rope
  • Small empty plastic soda bottle
  • Some beans
  • round ring to go on the ankle. (We made ours from garden hose by putting one end into another one and taping it together)
  • scissors and screw driver
how to make spin and skip toy Instructions:
  1. Open the bottle cap.
  2. Poke the hole in the bottle cap with screwdriver.
  3. Put the rope through it and tie a knot (or two).
  4. Fill 1/2 bottle with the beans
  5.  Close the cap.
  6. Tie the ring to the rope.
I involved my daughter into making this toy as much as I could. She choose to decorate the spin and skip toy with some tape. I think she added a good sparkly twist to they toy. spingi and skip toy make In case you don’t know how to play with it, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple and self explanatory.   It's super fun to play with this toy. It will take few trials to perfect the jumping but your child will get it eventually. When the jumping has been perfected you can introduce a game where she counts how many times the bottle went around or how many jumps she did before stopping. It would be fun to play this with few children. This game is a perfect backyard activity, but if you have spacious house, you can play there too. spin and ksip toy for kids We love to bring back toys from our childhood. Especially when we can make them ourselves. My husband made water shooter which was a huge hit during summer. Which toy do you remember from your   childhood? Would your kids play with it? Here, take a look at the short video where my daughter was skinning and skipping.

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