We have collected 17 fabulously fun weekend children activities for all family members from all over the internet and beyond. From DIY outdoor activities to creating your own edible paint, we have fun activities and ideas for kids of all ages. Grab your kids, your craft supplies, and let’s get to the weekend!

Kids weekend activities- Image shows a collage of circular picture representations of weekend activities on a blue and green background from Kids Activities Blog.
The weekend is so much fun!

There is so much fun to be had on the weekend! Family activities are more fun with special events, art activities, fresh air, and quality time with the entire family! 

FAVORITE weekend children Activities

Great ideas for weekend children activities allow kids to relax and enjoy a great time with their whole family. Once they decide on the perfect place and fun things to do on a Saturday morning, they can decide on a good idea or two for activities on Sunday. 

Children and weekend activities just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these weekend children activities are so perfect. These weekend activities will encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Most family-friendly events are cut and dry but our top picks provide the perfect opportunity to make your family activities the main event of the year!

If these weekend children activities look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Kids weekend activities- Picture shows a field of red and yellow tulips surrounded by some small purple flowers from Kids Activities Blog.
Different colors of flowers are so beautiful!

1. Easter Weekend At The Arboretum

Free events and road trips like traveling for the Easter weekend at the Arboretum make spring break more fun. Check out the free activities in your local community!

Kids weekend activities- Image shows a a white background and a child's hands holding a deep purple pom pom pal with pom pom pigtails from Kids Activities Blog.
Pom poms are always so much fun!

2. Pom Pom Pals

Pom pom pals are our favorite things to create. These are soft, fun, and easy to make! These pom pom pals are great for younger kids and bigger kids to make!

Kids weekend activities- Picture shows three blue tie-dyed shirts with a red Mickey Mouse in the center from Kids Activities Blog.
Tie-Dying shirts is great family fun!

3. Mickey Mouse Tie Dye Shirts

The best things about children’s activities- making Mickey Mouse tie-dye shirts. If you love Disney and Mickey Mouse then these Mickey Mouse tie dye shirts are for you! They’re fun to make.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a child's arms with a aluminum foil and tissue paper bracelet in yellow and green and one with geometric shapes in blue, yellow, red and white from Kids Activities Blog.
It’s so fun to create bracelets!

4. Aluminum Foil And Tissue Paper Bracelets

Pretend you’re an alien from outer space with these aluminum foil and tissue paper bracelets. All you need is some glue, tissue paper and aluminum foil.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a child's hand on top of a brown play dough pumpkin pie in an aluminum foil pie pan from Kids Activities Blog.
Playdough pies are fun for the whole family!

5. Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Pumpkin pie play dough is a great way to keep your child happy giving you more time for family play. This pumpkin pie play dough smells great, is soft, and a great sensory activity.

Kids weekend activities-Picture shows two boys running by a pond with their pyramid shaped kite they created from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s go fly a kite!

6. Make a Pyramid Kite

Pack a picnic lunch for a fun day trip to fly this pyramid kite; sure to be the hit of the local park. This is such a great STEM activity for kids of all ages.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a red and blue plastic toy easel and a child painting with edible red and green yogurt from Living In Happy Place.
Young children love playing with food!

7. Edible Yogurt Painting

If your toddler time activities involve tasting crafts try this idea from Living In Happy Place. Paint and have a snack at the same time. These edible paints are great for younger kids.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a football from a brown paper bag from Living In Happy Place.
Let’s play ball!

8. Paper Bag Footballs!

A paper football the entire family will enjoy from Living In Happy Place. This paper football is great to toss around if you don’t have a real football, plus its fun to make.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows two toilet paper race cars one in green and one in red and a racing pennant in orange, yellow, green, blue and red hanging on the white wall behind from Toots Mom Is Tired.
Start your engines!

9. Toilet Paper Roll Race Car Craft

Young kids will love this race car idea for their play area from Toots Mom Is Tired. I love this! And if your kids love cars then they will have a blast making these toilet paper roll cars.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a brown map with a blue border. Map has locations and buildings in a grey blue from The Space.
Let’s have a treasure hunt!

10. Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children

The search is on with this treasure hunt from The Spruce. Go on a treasure hunt! This fun treasure hunt is a great at home scavenger hunt for the whole family.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows two multicolored butterflies in pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow on a white background from One Little Project.
Coffee filters make great butterflies!

11. Coffee Filter Butterflies

Kids’ activities like these butterflies from One Little Project are the best part of a rainy day. These butterflies are so colorful and beautiful! Look at all the colors!

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a young boy dressed in a blue oversized t-shirt with a pillow stuffed inside to look like a sumo wrestler from Playtivities.
Let’s wrestle, sumo style!

12. Pillow Sumo Wrestling

This activity from Playtivities will have your child bouncing off everything. I LOVE this! How much fun will this sumo wrestling activity be?!

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a little boy playing with rainbow colored craft sticks from Frugal Fun For Boys.
Chain reactions are so cool!

13. Build a Chain Reaction

One thing leads to another with this activity from Frugal Fun For Boys. This is such a great STEM activity that teaches kids about chain reactions!

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a blue plate of white flour and a wooden spoon held by a child in the flour from One Good Thing By Jilee.
Flour is so much fun!

14. The Flour Game

One Good Thing will have you eating flour if you lose the game. This is such a fun game that is best suited for older kids. It’s clever and fun!

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a child drawing a picture of themselves on their reflection in the mirror from Playtivities.
Mirrored drawings are neat!

15. A Trick To Easy Drawing For Kids

Drawing is super easy thanks to Playtivities. Get creative with these mirror drawings. Promote pretend play, practice fine motor skills, this is a great weekend activity.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a little boy with his head visible in a fort made of white fabric and lights and white pillows from Art Bar Blog.
All little kids need a fort!

16. Easy Forts

Creating these forts for your child is so easy with Art Bar. Pillow forts are the best. I won’t lie, my kids and I still build pillow forts, watch movies, and eat snacks.

Kids weekend activities-Image shows a red DIY cardboard boomerang from Plastivities.
Will it come back?

17. Cardboard Boomerang

Playtivities leaves the indoor activities behind with this massive boomerang. We made these as kids and loved tossing them around the yard. It’s a great craft and a great way to get active.

MORE Weekend children activities & FUN FROM KIDS ACTIVITIES BLOG

Which of the weekend children activities are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

Psst…Have you ever wondered should you have a third child? Us too!

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