We have been cutting out chemicals in our house and doing a lot of our cleaning using essential oils. There are so many great recipes using natural cleaners to get your place spick and span. I can’t believe how long I’ve been buying commercial cleaning products when these homemade cleaners and natural solutions were right here all along.

Today we’re sharing thirty of our favorite recipes and cleaning tips that don’t use chemical cleaners.

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We hope you enjoy our all-natural cleaning recipes with essential oils!

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Why Use Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes?

Did you know that making your own DIY recipes to keep your house clean is super easy? They are the best solution if you’re trying to get rid of harsh chemicals in your daily life. Natural ingredients, such as a small amount of pure essential oils, are the best way to make sure your family is not in proximity of harmful ingredients.

Not only that, but sometimes natural cleaning products work even better than products you can buy at grocery stores. Plus, they last a long time, they are cheaper, don’t damage the environment and have a fresh scent. What’s not to love?!

Essential oils are a simple way to keep your house clean. Because the power of essential oils is so potent, you only need a small amount to get the job done. Essential oils are so versatile, some have antimicrobial properties, others are great for purifying the air, others are amazing for cleaning up sticky residues, deep cleaning the kitchen sink, clean surfaces, and some are a great addition to your laundry soap. You can even add essential oil to conventional cleaning products for extra cleaning power.

You can make your own cleaners with simple ingredients: hot water or warm water, baking soda, white vinegar, and then some drops of your favorite essential oils such as lemon essential oil, citrus oils, sweet orange essential oil, lavender, peppermint… Well, there are too many to mention and they are all good options for different things!

Keep reading to find our favorite DIY cleaners with the best essential oils!

30 Natural Cleaning Recipes Using Essential Oils

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  1. Two Ingredient Carpet Stain Remover – This is the easiest and most effective way to get stains out of carpet. So genius!
  2. Lemon Lime Dusting Spray – This dusts better than any commercial product I’ve tried! From Bitz N Giggles
  3. Natural Cleaning After An Illness – Here’s a quick how-to on naturally clean  the whole house naturally. From Love and Marriage
  4. Natural Wood Floor Cleaner – The perfect natural cleaner for your hard wood floors! From Recipes With Essential Oils.
  5. DIY Air Freshener  – This is so much cheaper than it’s store bought version and  it is all natural.
  6. Reusable Cleaning Wipes – Make your own cleaning  wipes! I love this recipe from Dwelling In Happiness.
  7. Glass Cleaner – A simple and easy glass cleaner recipe with a gorgeous free printable from Pink When.
  8. Orange and Lemon All Purpose Cleaner – You can use this on almost anything! From No Fuss Natural.
  9. Garbage Disposal Tabs – These do wonders for your stinky garbage disposals. From Young Living.
  10. Carpet Deodorizer – If your carpet needs a quick refresh this powder works wonders. From Allternative Living
  11. Steam Clean Your Microwave – Use essential oils to help steam clean your microwave and get all that nasty gunk out. From Pink When
  12. DIY Lemon Dusting Spray  – Here is an all natural dusting spray that is really easy. From Pink When
  13. Powder Laundry Detergent – Here is our favorite way to make powdered laundry detergent for a fraction of the price you pay at the store.
  14. Liquid Laundry Detergent – If you like liquid laundry detergent better, here’s a recipe for that!
  15. Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine – Love this trick to clean a front loading washing machine. From The NY Melrose Family
  16. Toilet Refresher Tabs – Keep your toilet cleaner, longer without hard scrubbing. From Bitz N Giggles
  17. Stove Top Cleaner – If your stove top is covered in gunk try this amazing recipe to get it back to normal. From The Pinning Mama
  18. Crayon and Marker Removal – Kids writing all over everything with their crayons and markers? Try this from The Pleasantest Thing.
  19. Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner – If you like the smell of citrus you will want to try this all-purpose cleaner. From Project Sunny
  20. Clean Your Shower Head – An absolute genius way to thoroughly clean your shower head. From The NY Melrose Family
  21. Easiest Way to Clean Toys Naturally – No need to use bleach, this cleaner works great for your kids toys. From Therapy Fun Zone
  22. Window Cleaner – Here is a great cleaner for the windows in your home. From All Things Mama
  23. Garbage Disposal Fizzies – These do wonders for your garbage disposal and will have your kitchen spelling amazing. From Create Craft Love
  24. Everyday Hard Surface Cleaner – You can use this cleaner on virtually any hard surface in your home! From The Pinning Mama
  25. Granite Cleaner – This two-ingredient cleaning solution works fantastic on granite countertops. From Bob Vila
  26. Spring Cleaning Without Chemicals– Get rid of the chemicals and spring clean your entire house using essential oils. See how at Traditional Cooking School
  27. Vinegar Lemonade Cleaner – This two-ingredient cleaner is incredible and smells great!
  28. Toilet Fizz Bombs – Just dropping one of these into your toilet will have your whole bathroom smelling great! From Biome
  29. Carpet Cleaner – Clean your dirty carpet spotless. From Den Garden
  30. Wood Polish – Get that wood shiny and clean!  From One Essential Community

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Did you enjoy these natural cleaning recipes with essential oils?

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  1. I just read your latest article and I loved it! It was really helpful. Thank you so much for writing that post. It’s perfect for those of us who want to avoid harsh chemicals around the house but still want our homes clean and fresh-smelling.

    1. We are so glad that you enjoyed it! Yes, it is so easy to make cleaning supplies without chemicals!