50 Creative Straw Crafts

I am really loving all of these straw crafts.   It’s so much fun to find new uses for everyday things, and today we have more than fifty!

My daughter recently dumped a whole bag of straws on the ground and made a huge mess.   Since we weren’t planning on using them for drinking anymore, we made some of these crafts!   This list is a great resource.

Straw-Crafts50 Creative Straw Crafts

Create these fun toilet roll ninjas and use a straw for their belt!

Cut up different colors of straws and use glue to make a really pretty name collage.   From Childcare Land Blog

For a fun boredom buster, build a marshallow tower with straws.

Make your own DIY duck call with straws.   From All For The Boys

This q-tip dart game is easy to make is an amazing boredom buster for a rainy day.

Straw rockets are a really fun activity and an awesome boredom buster!   From Pleasentest Thing

50 Creative Straw Crafts
If you lose your bubble wands, no worries!   You can make this fun bubble shooter with just a few straws!

Practice using a thermometer by making your own with a straw, a pipe cleaner and this free printable.

Make this incredible cardboard box maze and use a marble to race through it.   From Teach Preschool

Use straws to make a fun bubble painting art project.   Kids love this!   From Housing A Forest

You can even use pieces of a straws to make a necklace!

Here are the rest of the straw crafts. You can even add your own! By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post. Family friendly links only, please.

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