We have a big list of straw crafts! Making crafts with straws is perfect for kids of all ages. We use plastic straws, paper straws, pipe cleans and more to make fun things like straw rockets, a straw necklace, a marble maze. And that isn’t even half of the drinking straw fun. Use these easy straw crafts at home or in the classroom.

50 Straw Crafts - collage of easy crafts with straws like a straw maze, straw building blocks, ninjas, straw shooter, straw game and a straw alien
Let’s make some fun crafts with straws!

Crafts With Straws for Kids

I am really loving all of these straw crafts. Here at Kids Activities Blog we love to find new uses for everyday things and today we have more than fifty crafts with straws.

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My daughter recently dumped a whole bag of straws on the ground and made a huge mess. Since we weren’t planning on using them for drinking anymore, we made some of these crafts! Straws are an inexpensive way to make an adorable craft and to practice fine motor skills while making cool things like straw accessories!

Straw Crafts

1. Straw and Toilet Roll Ninja Craft

Ninjas red and black made from plastic straws, paint, and toilet paper rolls
Toilet paper roll and straw ninjas are the coolest!

Create these fun toilet roll ninjas and use bendy straws for their belt!

2. DIY Straw Necklace Craft

You can even use pieces of a straws to make a necklace!

4. Beautiful Bubble Art Using Straws

Create beautiful, shiny, and colorful bubble art using homemade bubbles, straws, and food coloring.

5. Frozen Blow Painting Craft

Grab these free Frozen printables, paint, and a straw to create a magical looking piece of art.

6. Mini Straw Pom Poms Craft

Mini straw pom poms, straws are orange, pom poms are white yarn
How cute are these mini straw pom poms?

Celebrate and cheer with these mini straw pom poms (link no longer available)! Perfect for cheering on your siblings, mom and dad, or for pretend play!

7. Toilet Paper and Straw Submarine Craft

How cute is this toilet paper roll and straw submarine craft? This is actually super cool, and the best part is, you can make it any color you want!

8. Bracelet Weaving Using Straws Craft

I love weaving, it’s so much fun and you can make so many things. Like bracelets! You can use straws to make a loom so you can make beautiful braided bracelets.

9. Simple Springtime Straw Necklaces Craft

Grab your scissors and paper straws, it is time to make straw spring themed jewelry! Green, yellow, white, pink, and purple are the perfect colors for spring! What pretty necklaces.

10. Pipe Cleaner and Straw Bracelets

Straw bracelet with green pipe cleaner- red- purple- orange straw beads
The neon straws make the straw bracelet look so bright!

All you need are some pipe cleaners and straws to make some pretty bracelets! Perfect for fine motor skill practice and for pretend play! You always need bracelets! Accessories are important to any outfit!

11. Make Snowflakes with Homemade Straw Stamps

Make your own stamps out of straws to make the prettiest snowflakes! This is the perfect craft for winter time or perfect for a weather or season lesson plan.

12. Easy Paper Straw Bracelets Craft

Make your own straw bracelets using paper straws. Paper straws are so versatile, they have so many colors and patterns on them! What a great paper straw craft! Perfect for any special occasion.

13. DIY Paper Straw Beads

Want to know how to make your own diy beads? It’s easy! All you need is paper straws and scissors!

Holiday Straw Crafts

14. Halloween Straw Necklace Craft For Kids

Halloween paper straw necklaces, orange and white straws, black and white straws, purple and white straws, black purple and black straws
Make Halloween necklaces using paper straws.

Since paper straws are so popular right now, they are perfect for this Halloween straw necklace craft. Alternate between black and white and orange and white straw beads to make a spooktacular necklace.

15. Straw St. Patrick’s Day Crown Craft

Did you know you can use plastic straws, pipe cleaners, and foam shamrocks to make beautiful straw St. Patrick’s day crowns? What a cute craft!

16. Valentine’s Day Paper Straw Necklaces Craft

Ah, love is in the air! And your kids will love making these Valentine’s day paper straw necklaces with pink, white, and red paper straws!

17. Cinco De Mayo Craft: Homemade Maracas Using Straws

Grab straws, plastic eggs, washi tape, and filler! You will need all those things to make these super fun, super musical, homemade maracas!

18. Patriotic Straw Fireworks Craft

Get patriotic with this easy straw fireworks craft! Use straws to make a stamp and then dip the bottom into red, white, and blue paint and stamp!

19. Paper Straw Valentine Darts Craft

You can be cupid once you make these Paper darts using straw and paper!

Straw Activities

20. Printable Paper Rockets

Paper colored with markers on straws- pink, yellow, and green
Printable paper rockets blast off!

Grab these printables, your markers, tape and a straw, because we are about to blast off with these paper and straw rockets!

21. DIY Straw Bubbles Wands

If you lose your bubble wands, no worries! You can make this fun bubble shooter with just a few straws!

22. Homemade Straw Rockets Activity

Straw rockets are a really fun activity and an awesome boredom buster!   From Pleasentest Thing(link no longer available)

23. Straw Weaving Activity

Weaving is a great activity and a fantastic life skill everyone should know, I think. And it’s great fine motor skill practice as well, and did I mention this straw weaving activity is fun?

24. Fun and Easy Straw Marble Maze Activity

Mazes are great fun, and this one is easy to make and even easier to play with! Will you be able to get the marble to the end of the straw maze? The full tutorial is in the link.

25. DIY Straw Rockets Activity

All you need is straws to make these super cool straw rockets. This straw rocket activity is perfect for preschoolers and elementary aged kids as well as older kids.

Straw Games

26. Q-Tip and Straw Dart Game

Qtip and straw blow dart came with child blowing q tips from a straw - kids activities blog
How cute is this straw blow dart game?

This q-tip dart game is easy to make is an amazing boredom buster for a rainy day.

27. Straw Drop Game For Toddlers

Have a toddler? Then this straw game is perfect! Grab some straws, an old cannister with a plastic lid and a hole punch. Then let them put the straws through the holes. It’s a fun game that also works on fine motor skills.

28. Straw Game For Toddlers

Want another game to work on your toddlers fine motor skills? Grab your colander and some straws and watch them go to work! Can they get them in? Can they fill up all the holes with straws?

Educational Straw Crafts

29. Straw and Marshmallow Stem Craft

Stem activity, built with straws and marshmallows- kids activities blog
Build a tower with marshmallows and straws. What a yummy stem activity.

For a fun boredom buster, build a marshmallow tower with straws. There is a step by step tutorial to show you how.

30. DIY Straw Thermometer Craft

Practice using a thermometer by making your own with a straw, a pipe cleaner and this free printable.

31. DIY Straw Duck Call Craft

Make your own DIY duck call with straws. From All For The Boys

32. Homemade Straw Cardboard Box Maze Craft

Make this incredible cardboard box maze and use a marble to race through it. From Teach Preschool

33. Straw Marble Run Craft

Did you know you can use straws to make this DIY Marble run? All you need is a few household items! Such a fun straw craft that also works on critical thinking and problem solving.

34. DIY Straw Robotic Articulated Hand Craft

Y’all, when I tell you how cool this straw robotic hand craft is, I mean it! Not only is it educational and you can learn about tendons and bones, but you can work on engineering as well. This straw STEM activity is so cool.

35. Straw Skeleton Craft

Learn the different bones of the body as well as learn what a skeleton looks like using straws. This is a fun human anatomy lesson and craft.

36. Fine Motor Skill Practice Using Straws

Littler girl with straw necklace on- threading fine motor skills activity
Threading is a great fine motor skills activities. Make it easier by using bigger straws!

Cut up some straws and let your child thread the straw “beads” with string to practice their fine motor skills. They can make necklaces, bracelets, crowns, even keychains.

37. 3D Stem Challenge With Straws For Kids

Grab straws and playdough, or even wooden dowels if you have small ones to try out this 3D stem challenge for kids.

38. Straw and Playdough Sensory Bag

Try out this sensory bag that uses black playdough and neon straws! Both have different consistencies and will allow your child to poke and prod and explore the playdough and straws.

39. Fine Motor Skills Practice With Crazy Straws

Grab crazy straws and some felt and cut holes in them to create a fun, and quiet fine motor skill game. Perfect for toddlers.

40. Straw Sensory Bin

Practice fine motor skills with cutting and then have fun with the straw pieces in a colorful straw sensory bin! What toys are hidden amidst the straws?

41. Matching and Ordering By Size Straw Activity

Use straws to match the different size lines on the paper and order them by size. Biggest to smallest or should they go smallest to biggest?

42. Straw and Stick Constructions Activity

Get ready to build with straws, tape, and sticks!
Get ready to build with straws, tape, and sticks!

Want another stem activity that explores science and engineering? Look no further, this straw and stick construction activity explores just that!

43. Make 3D Shapes Out Of Straws and Pipe Cleaners

What a fun stem activity! You can make shapes out of straws and pipe cleaners. It’s great fine motor skill practice and you can learn about shapes like cubes, cylinders, pyramids and more!

44. Colorful Silly Straw and Bead Threading Activity

Silly straws and plastic beads are all you need for this activity. This activity is probably best for kids 3+ due to the small beads.

45. Straw STEM Challenge

Can your child make a globe out of straws? Let’s see if they can with this straw STEM challenge! It may be a great idea to have lots of straws on hand.

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Which straw activities and straw crafts did you try? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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