magic milk straws

I stumbled upon Magic Milk Straws at our local Tom Thumb grocery store today.

How could I pass up something with a name like Magic Milk Straws?

I love to try new things so a few of these just happened to end up in my grocery cart.

Magic Milk Straws come in packs containing 6 straws.   There is nothing special that you need to do to the straws.   Just open the package, take out a straw and put it in your milk.   The straws contain little flavor beads.   As you sip your milk through the straw the flavor beads dissolve.   By the time the milk reaches your mouth, it has become flavored milk.

strawberry milk straw

There are several different flavors to choose from.   We found Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate and a Dora themed Caramel flavor straw.   They were located in a box suction cupped to the outside of the milk refrigerators.   The actual straws don’t contain milk so they don’t need to be refrigerated.

My son was amazed at how fun these were although he said that he had to suck on it harder than a normal straw.

boy using flavored straw 2

I tried one too and it really was fun to use.   The flavors were good but a bit mild.   If I were mixing up a powdered drink or using flavored syrup, I would have made the flavor stronger but you can’t control that with these straws unless you get crazy like my son and use four different flavored straws at once!

boy drinking with four straws

Once the kids got bored with drinking from the straws, we decided to cut one of them open to check out the flavor beads.   They were firm and tasted just like candy.   My kids then had fun cutting open several of them and just eating the candy out of them.

flavor beads

Magic Milk Straws are definitely a fun way to flavor milk.   They are easy to use and come in a nice variety of flavors.   They allow for different flavors of milk by the glass.     I think this is a great tool to offer children who may not typically like drinking milk.

girl drinking milk with straw

However, they are a little more work to pull the milk up to your mouth and I personally would just prefer to mix up my own flavored milk so I can have the flavor as strong as I would like it.   But at a price of $1.50 for 6 straws, it makes for an occasional fun treat for your family.

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Have you ever used Magic Milk straws?

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