I am really excited about this!

Hiccups are no fun. I mean sure, some hiccups just last a minute or so but others seem to go on forever and it’s a huge disruption in our lives.

While you may think of trying all those tricks your grandmother taught you about getting hiccups to stop fast, I’ve found they don’t often work.

Well, thanks to science and some brilliant minds, we made just have the answer and it’s in the form of a straw!

This is called HiccAway and according to the description, it is the guaranteed most effective hiccup cure available.

It is a small pocket sized device you can use to stop hiccups in minutes.

So, how does it work?

HiccAway is a singulstat device (singultus = hiccups), that lowers the diaphragm while opening first, and then closing the epiglottis (the leaf-shaped flap in the throat that keeps food out of the windpipe). Doing so stimulates at the same time the “Phrenic” and “Vagus” nerves, allowing the brain to “reset” and stop the hiccups.

Of course, that is quite technical but according to the reviews, this totally works!

For just $14.00 on Amazon, you can grab one of these HiccAway Straws and put it in your purse or bag for instant hiccup relief whenever you need it.

I think everyone in my family is getting one in their stocking for Christmas!

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