25 Pretty Tulip Crafts for Kids

Nothing says spring more than a row of beautiful tulips! Turn this beautiful flower into a fun activity for the kids by making several of these tulip crafts to celebrate the season.

Springtime and flowers  go hand in hand, so gather some supplies and get ready to create.

25 Tulip Crafts for Kids

Tulip Crafts for Kids

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers! I feel like they’re a little underrated compared to other flowers like: daisies, roses, sunflowers…popular flowers people generally think of.

But tulips just scream spring and Mother’s Day to me. So let’s celebrate both of these wonderful times with these fun tulip craft ideas.

Supplies Needed To Make These Beautiful Tulip Crafts:

There are lots of materials you can use to make pretty tulips. Here’s just a short list to get your creative wheels turning!

  • Egg cartons
  • Toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • Yogurt cups
  • Laundry detergent lids
  • Plastic bottles
  • Card stock
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Construction paper
  • Handprints
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Straws
25 Tulip Crafts for Kids

Tulips From Recycled Materials

Here are eight colorful projects that have used recycled materials to create beautiful tulips. You’ll definitely want to save these in your crafting arsenal!

3D Tulip Flower

I love any craft that allows me to recycle. This lovely, bright, yellow, 3D tulip flower is actually made from toilet paper rolls! Use them to make the petals and the leaves. Via All Free Kids Crafts

Tulip Garden Crafts For Toddlers

Do you have leftover plastic eggs? This actually makes a cute Easter craft or a cute Mother’s day craft. Make this tulip craft to hold all the candies! All you need is plastic eggs, straws, and you can either use foam or construction paper. Via Designer Daddy

Recycled Tulip Yogurt Cup Craft

This tulip craft for kids is awesome. It recycles so many things! All you need is empty yogurt cups, straws, green paper, and large round lids. You paint the yogurt cups to look like tulips and I’m loving them! Via je Knutsel Ei Kwijt

Tulip Bouquet Ideas

This is one of the best tulip bouquet ideas. They’re gorgeous and are made of plastic soda bottles. Paint them your favorite colors and make some two toned. The best part is, this garden will last forever! Via Blog Berry Garden

Tulip Flower Painting

Who knew you could use plastic forks for painting? A fork has 3 prongs and creates traditional tulip art. Then just use a regular paint brush to create stems and leaves.

Egg Carton Tulip Bouquet

I won’t be throwing out my egg cartons anymore. This another awesome tulip craft for toddlers. Use each egg cup as a flower and add your pipe cleaners and colorful buttons! When you have your tulip bouquet the add it to a vase! Via Carefree Crafts

Tulip Fairy Lights

This is the coolest tulip kids crafts. Use egg cartons to create tulips using your favorite colors and lots of sparkles! Thread colorful lights through them and enjoy beautiful fairy lights! Via Red Ted Art

Tulip Spring Art Projects For Toddlers

Don’t throw out your toilet paper rolls! Paint them, cut them, and decorate them to create pretty rainbow tulips! This is one of my favorite spring art projects for toddlers. Via Crafts by Amanda

25 Tulip Crafts for Kids

Painted Tulip Crafts

Kids love to paint! And with so many different colors, it’s hard to resist creating tulips! Here are six fun ideas for using paint to create a lovely spring bouquet.

Tulip Potato Painting

Turns out, vegetables make great painting stamps! Create tulip stamps with potatoes! Using red potatoes would probably be easiest as they aren’t huge, but they’re not super small either! But this makes tulip painting, simple. Via Crafty Morning

Polka Dot Tulips

Create your own tulip garden with this less messy tulip garden painting idea. Use dotters to paint white paper to create colorful tulips. Make them one color or make them multiple colors! Go wild with the spring colors! Via Toddler Approved 

Handprint Tulip Keepsake

Your little one can make this easy paper tulip magnet. This makes a great Mother’s day gift and let’s them play with paints, which is always fun! These are so simple to make, and if you laminate them, they last even longer! Via Skip To My Lou

Mother's Day Crafts That Kids Can Make and Mom Will Love!

Handprint Tulip Towels

Want to make painted tulips? Want to turn those painted tulips into a great gift for mom? Then try making these handprint tulip towels! These gifts are not only lovely, but are a wonderful keepsake.

How To Make A Tulip

Foam board is another great scrap to use to make tulips. You just need a cut out of your hand and once you paint it, add you leaves and stem and stick it in a flower pot with paper grass and you have a tulip that never dies! Via Mega Crafty

Tulip Garden Craft For Kids

I’m not sure if I love this more because it can be a tulip keepsake or because it has sparkly flowers on it! The keepsake part is using your little ones hands to create colorful tulips. Add green popsicle sticks as their stem and then add more flowers in your garden with stickers! Via Fun Hand Print Art Blog

25 Tulip Crafts for Kids

How To Make Paper Tulips

Whether it’s construction paper, card stock or scrapbook paper, these pretty blooms make great decorations for spring. Here are seven ideas for paper tulips.

DIY Paper Tulips

These 3D paper Tulips are beautiful. Use different paper or stock card to create a colorful array of flowers. Make them plain or use decorated paper to make your diy paper tulips even more special. Via Mama Miss

Paper Tulip Keepsake

This paper tulip is such a precious keep sake. While this tulip craft may look like a traditional flower, if you move some of the petals you will find a photo of your little one. This would make such a wonderful Mother’s day gift! Via Activity Village

How To Make Paper Tulips Origami

Origami is so much fun to do. It is so neat to see a plain piece of paper turn into something so cool. And now, you can turn a piece of paper into a tulip! Add them to some colorful paper and add to the scene. Create a meadow with butterfly and flowers, color a bouquet, the possibilities are endless. Via Make and Takes

Download & print these cute tulip coloring pages!

Tulip Coloring Pages Printable

Turn this sweet printable into a work of art! The flowers are drawn fairly large, so this tulip printable is a suitable coloring page for small children like toddlers and preschoolers and bigger kids like kindergarteners and up.

Paper Tulips Flower Bouquet

Use heavy construction paper to make a 3D tulip. This is such a simple craft that makes a beautiful bouquet. Give the bouquet as a gift or use it for decoration to give your home a bright spring  feeling. Via Craft Ideas

Realistic 3D Paper Tulips

Want to make a realistic tulip? This step by step tutorial will help you create a 3D tulip that looks real. It has multiple petals and is a little more intricate in the details, but totally worth it! This tulip craft is much better suited for older kids. Via Practically Functional

Folded Paper Tulips

These are another origami type tulip craft. This craft is better suited for bigger kids, mainly because it requires a lot folds and cuts, but they create the sweetest little flowers. Plus, the middle of these tulips are open and are perfect for hiding treats in them! Via Krokotak

25 Tulip Crafts for Kids

More Tulip Crafts

As you’ve seen there are lots of ways to turn things into pretty tulips. here are four more ideas to keep your creativity flowing!

Yarn Wrapped Tulips

Looking for tulip craft ideas for preschoolers and toddlers? Then look no further! While mom or dad will need to cut the cardboard, their little hands should be able to easily wrap the yarn around it creating a colorful piece of spring art. Via School Time Snippets

Fruit Leather Tulips

A tulip craft you can eat! Who doesn’t love fruit leathers? These flowers are beautiful and tasty! Plus, they’re easy to make. This is the one time you can play with your food! Via Grass Potato

Clothespin Tulip Magnet

Does your little one love magnets? Mine does! But, because you can never have too many magnets let’s make some more. These super cute foam tulip magnets aren’t just pretty, but useful as they’re glued to a clothes pin. Hang papers, drawings, notes on the fridge with them or use them as little clips to clothes chips. Via Projects for Preschoolers

12 sweet flowers to make and eat

Sweet Tulips To Eat

Here is a list of 12 sweet flowers you can make and eat, including tulips! These cookie cups filled with chocolate peanut butter candies make the perfect flower pot to hold your iced tulip cookie! It is the ultimate spring treat!

Balloon Tulips

Now this is clever! I would have never thought of using balloons as tulips! The best part is, they don’t require a lot of work and are not overly complicated to make. Via Tikkido

Moon Gardens

Why make fake tulips when you can have the real thing! A moon garden is a garden that blooms in the evening, and guess what makes your little fairy moon garden glow a bit more? White tulips!

Looking For More Spring Ideas?

Looking for more spring ideas? Kids Activities Blog has 20 spring art projects for kids here and I have plenty of spring craft ideas here.

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