My kids adore their stuffed animals, and they have to have at least one (if not 10) every night when they go to bed. But I love when toys are multi-functional.

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That’s one reason why I’m so excited for the latest set of Squishmallow toys from Kelly toys. A variety of Christmas edition Squishmallows are available just in time for the holidays.

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The other reason I love these plush toys: they’re freaking adorable! Each plush toy is a different character with their very own name.

Many Squishmallows are a MASSIVE 16 to 20 inches. But the the Christmas edition ones are smaller, around four-and-a-half to five inches tall, depending on the set.

In this year’s edition of adorable Christmas Squishmallows, there is Luna Penguin, Dawn Fawn, Dana Reindeer, Ruby Moose, Brooke Polar Bear, and Lucille Seal.

Or rather have plush toys as ornaments? Kelly Toys makes Squishmallows ornaments too, and they’re just as soft and squishy. They go by the cute names of Norman Gnome, Carol Christmas Tree, Nick Santa, Elliot Elf, Manny Snowman, and Norma Gnome.

These Squishmallows make the perfect, fun decor, which is one reason why, even after the holidays are over, I don’t plan to put them away.

Rather, they’ll stay out as cozy companions, including for story time with the kids on the couch, or they’ll join the other stuffed animals at bedtime for the kids.

The Christmas Squishmallows are available in sets of six, both at select Costco locations as well as Amazon.

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