Every year we set New Years Resolutions, but this year I wanted to set some New Years Resolutions worth keeping!

At your New Years Party this year, make a resolution and stick to it!

You can do it!

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping


56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

This is the time of year to make goals, resolutions, and lifestyle changes. Everything starts over, so set yourself up on the right path, and make this year your BEST year, because you deserve it! 

Here are some tips to get you started!

The Home

1. Try any of these house hacks to make life easier!

2. Make breakfast every day (or at least a few days a week). These breakfast recipes will help you get started!

3.  Clutter can cause some serious stress! Check out these tips on how to declutter your house, from Your Modern Family!

4. Have everyone in the house help out with chores! It actually can be a fun way to spend time together as a family!

5. Organize the home in 40 days with these ideas from Your Modern Family. Take it one room at a time!

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

6.  Organize your home office! You can’t work well in a chaotic area (well, maybe you can, but its easier to work in an organized area).

7.  Clean your house with these hacks! Also, add this cleaning list, from Your Modern Family, to your cleaning routine to help track your progress!

8. Make your bedroom the coziest place in the house with these helpful tips from Totally the Bomb.

9.  Does a cluttered car drive you crazy? Try these tips from Your Modern Family! Clean out your car every week, and use these hacks to keep it organized!

You56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

10. Learn a new skill (crochet, sewing, or even sugar string crafts, perhaps?)

11. Start meditating. I read that one minute of meditation a day can make a huge change to our stress levels! Try it.

12. Be present.

13. Read a good book (here are some recommendations to get you started)

14. Write a good book. You can do it!

15.  Work out with your kids. You can even workout while you are sitting at work with these creative exercises from Your Modern Family!

16. Cook dinner 6 nights a week. These crock-pot meals will make that pretty easy. Just throw it in before you leave, and a home-cooked meal, that your family will love, will be waiting when you get home!

17. Eat clean and teach your family to eat clean (even if you are just starting) with these tips from Your Modern Family.

18. Resist sugar cravings even when they hit you the hardest, with tips from Beauty Through Imperfection!

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

19. Fix yourself up every day. No more PJ’s all day long! When you look better, you feel better!

20. Stop biting your nails. This is my bad habit! Keep them looking great, and motivate yourself not to bite with nail art hacks from Totally The Bomb!

21.  Keep a journal for your family to look back on! Loving this idea from The Realistic Mama!

22. Volunteer! Give your time, and if you have young kids, find alternatives. Send cards to the home bound, or take a meal to someone going through a hard time. Everyone will feel better after!

23. These 25 Health Hacks for Mom are a great place to start this year!


56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping


24. Give 3 ups for every put-down. Every time that you say something negative to your kids, give them three positives.

25. Be more patient. Don’t discipline when you are angry. Take a minute to breath, and then talk to your kids.

26. Teach your kids about money.

27.  Combat sibling rivalry with some tips from Your Modern Family.

28. Your Modern Family also has some great advice on teaching your kids to be responsible!

29. Check out this information from Your Modern Family, about why it is so important to put your kids to sleep earlier, in order to help them sleep through the night. Teach them to sleep later (they need the rest!).

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

30.  Potty Train your child

31.  Listen to your child when they talk- really pay attention! Stop what you are doing, look them in the eye and give them your attention.

32. Say yes when your child asks ¦ “Mommy, will you lay with me?”

33.  Say YES more often, like Beauty Through Imperfection.

34.  Read more with your kids and follow up by asking them questions about what they just read (have them go into detail with you!)

35. Teach your kids to be creative, be creative as a family or even teach them to be inventors!

36. Less TV ¦ more reading.  Set a limit (an hour a day, maybe?) and try to stick to it. Try a week of no-tech!  

37. Potty Train your bed wetter to wake up at night (even your older child)

38. Ask your kids  to fill out this after-school survey to find out what they did that day.

39. Here are a few more parenting resolutions from Meaningful Mama

Saving Money

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

40. Save enough money to allow your family to live on one income

41. Have a budget. (My mom used to use the envelope system when I was younger. Every month you put money into an envelope for the car, shopping, and groceries. When the envelop became empty, you are either done or you take from another envelope).

42. Save money and be frugal with these 50 ways to save!

43. Shop only on the clearance rack (everything goes on sale) or shop without spending money by finding things in your home to reuse.

44. Spend less money on your groceries (without coupons) by buying things on sale, buying on the day old rack & watching for specials.

45. Do things around your house that are free (like organizing with items you already have!)

46. Or use coupons & save a little more – here is a little tutorial on how to use coupons to shop online at Amazon!

47.  Build up your savings account! Try to only buy what you NEED, not what you WANT.  Every week put the extra money that you  WOULD have spent into a jar (example:  If you didn’t go out to eat tonight, but you wanted to, add $20 to your jar.)

48.  Try to go 40 days without spending money on anything except food, gas and bills. I tried this for lent one year and we saved a lot of money in those 40 days!

49. Sell your things! Go through your home and find things that you no-longer need. List them on Facebook yard sales or other online places like Craigslist.

50. Do more work yourself. Cut your own grass, clean your own house, cook your own meals, make your own ingredients.

51.  Stop paying for things that could be FREE!

52- Stock up on gifts while they are on sale or on clearance and save them until you need them (you can get free new mom & baby items for free.  I do this!)  

56 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

53. Treat your husband like you would treat a house guest (this tip is my favorite one)

54. Have date nights without even leaving the house with these 21 Romantic Ideas for a Date Night at Home from Fulfilling Your Vows.

55.  Pursue your spouse and be intentional about it.

56.  Keep the romance alive, even when you’re both busy and exhausted.

Or you could skip resolutions altogether and just pick a word for the year.

If you have trouble sticking to your resolutions, try this strategy.

Some New Years resolutions can turn into a lifestyle change for the better! Try one that you would like to stick to!

Thanks for reading & trying out a great new resolution.

Ready to organize the entire house for the new year? We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!


Check out this New Year’s free coloring page, perfect for any new year!

Let’s make more New Year’s Eve memories!

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  1. This is a great list. I have been working on mine but I like how you listed simple things like keep your office organized. I know it makes a huge difference for me when my office is clean and it really helps me feel focused and organized in so many ways. Best wishes for 2017!

  2. I agree, the New Year is a time to recreate yourself and change your life for the better. When you think of New Year resolutions, you usually think of bettering yourself. Instead this year, give your home a little love and plan some New Year resolutions for your house. Here are https://rentberry.com/blog/new-year commitments we should all be making to our homes this year.