It’s important to have family fun.  Sometimes we get so bogged down in life we forget how important it is to let loose and have a little fun.  You want your kids to have memories from their childhood of silliness and creativity. Our Best Blog feature from this morning, Creative Family Fun, has great tips for family fun.  Make sure hop over and read her interview!

Family Fun

 10 Tips for Family Fun

1.  Gratitude at the table  – Take turns each night saying a blessing from the blessing jar.  Then, go around the table and talk about the highs and lows of your day. 2.  Forest treasure jars  – Get out into nature and create nature jars by filling old glass vases with the treasures you find lying around outside. 3.  Paper airplane races  – Hand out paper and let everyone construct their very own paper airplane, then race them! 4.  Pretend police station  – Let the little ones play detective by creating police badges and case files and help them solve the crime. 5.  Family olympics  – Have a little friendly competition outside with events like disc toss or foot races.  Draw flags to represent yourselves rather than countries, and give out medals! 6.  Counting walk  – Go on a family walk around your neighborhood asking questions about numbers.  How many mailboxes do you see?  How many flagpoles? 7.  Straw painted dandelions  – Paint spring dandelions but cutting the tips of drinking straws and dipping them in paint. 8.  Explore the world  – Here is a list of 10 ways to learn about the world around you like reading a special book or listening to music. 9.  Jack be nimble  – Make a craft activity from the classic children’s nursery rhyme with a toilet paper roll and construction paper. 10.  Collage owls  – Use up your old magazines to make fun owl collage craft. Thank you to Terri at Creative Family Fun for your family fun tips.

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