My living room desperately need some changes, but with recent life events this was not in the budget. So I decided that I would go shopping in my own home. Yes it takes time, but it didn’t take any money out of the bank. After a couple of hours of digging in our back room. I found everything I was looking for to transform the large barren wall from drab to fab. I am a huge fan of being surrounded by photos of my loved ones, yet in our current apartment I didn’t have that many on display.   I had never had a photo wall in any of my homes before, after seeing them on numerous other blogs and in a few friends houses I decided I needed one. I knew I had enough frames and pictures to start one… where I would find them was a whole other story. Once the finding was complete the work really started. How was I going  to display everything I had found…. they all were of different sizes and shapes. With a little time and patience (and keeping the hammer away from the toddler) everything was finished. So how can you spruce up your home by using things you already have? I can spruce up my living with ease…my toddlers room is another story. Any advice on how to decorate a 15 month old boy’s room without breaking the budget?

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