Are you still looking for the perfect mommy exercise solution?  One mommy found the answer with the 30 Day Shred and a Jumparoo.  Kids Activities Blog knows it is hard working out with a baby but we hope this mom’s story helps make it a little easier.

Mommy Exercise Solution: Working out with Baby and the 30 Day Shred

Exercise Solution

Any new mom will tell you it’s no easy feat to get back in the routine of working out after the baby is born. I’ve ditched my gym membership and opted for a new and improved routine.

Finding a spare hour or two to drive to the gym, work out and drive home was nearly impossible after having a baby.  The ease of workout DVD’s was just too good to pass up. So I scoured Amazon and for less than one month’s gym membership fee’s I was able to invest in some killer workout DVD’s. The DVD’s save me time ¦and save me the embarrassment of trying to use the elliptical which I always somehow end up nearly killing myself while trying to dismount. I started my post-baby-boot-camp with the 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels. I heard rave reviews about it and needed something easy and quick, and this fit the bill.

30 Day Shred

So in I would pop the DVD, and I’d plop Lulu in her bumbo seat to watch mama make a fool of herself doing plyometrics and lunges. My first few workouts went ok, but little baby Lulu always got a bit fussy by the middle of my workout. As much as I liked to take a break here or there (which Drill Sargent Michael’s is VERY against), it wasn’t doing my post-prego-abs any favors.

This is where her Jumparoo enters the picture. We had been gifted a jumparoo, and I was leary at first, mostly because of the size. We live in a small apartment, so every square foot is precious space, and the last thing I wanted to do was fill our living room with baby gear. But the jumparoo hides behind our couch, and comes out during workout time.

Working out with Baby and the 30 Day Shred {Exercise Solution for Moms}

Working Out with Baby

Our new routine is Lulu bouncing away in her jumparoo while I plow through the 30-minute shred. She loves bouncing along with me, it’s made working out so much easier since she can work out along side of me.

So while I’m doing lunges, she bounces and works her quads and calves…

And while I’m picking up my hand weights for another round of rep’s, she’s workin’ her hand-eye coordination…

She’s always keeping a close eye on me to make sure I’m not cheating on my push-ups…

Working out with Baby {A Mommy's Exercise Solution}

Workouts to Do at Home

Ditching my gym membership and getting a few solid work-out DVD’s have really helped me stick with my goals of post-baby workouts. And the jumparoo for Lulu has done wonders in helping me finish the full 30 minutes of the DVD’s. Now I just need to find a way to dig up some self-control in the sweets department…

We were in no way compensated for this product – while the link included is an affiliate link (gotta pay for the diapers).   I truly do love and appreciate the opportunity to exercise *with* my baby and Jillian.

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