Most moms and dads with kids at home don’t attend glamorous New Year’s Eve galas at swanky clubs. At least, not the moms and dads I know.

Happy New Year for Kids - new years eve party ideas and crafts for kids of all ages to celebrate the new year at home with family - Kids Activities Blog - child holding hat over head that says Happy New Year
Let’s ring in the new year with a New Years party for kids!

New Years Party Ideas

What is more typical is either a fun family evening or inviting a few friends over for a small party. If you’re like me, you still want to make ringing in the New Year a special occasion.

We are always looking for ways to make celebrations memorable and have lots of fun ideas to share with you, including for New Year’s Eve!

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Let's celebrate happy new years eve together with a party for kids and the whole family - child with coat holding NYE celebration sparklers -
Let’s celebrate New Years Eve with a party together!

New Year Party Decoration Ideas

Most families still have Christmas decorations up at New Year’s, but adding a few specialized items for the night is a good idea.

1. New Years Hats, Tinsel, Noise Makers, and Glow Sticks

The evening is often associated with sparkle; including silly hats with tinsel, noise makers, and even glow sticks generates extra party atmosphere.

2. DIY Decorations and Activities

There are so many easy DIY decorations and activities for New Year’s Eve parties!

3. New Year Party Piñata

A treat-filled piñata, perhaps in a star or bell shape, is sure to be popular with the younger set. Hanging several confetti-filled balloons to pop at midnight is festive, too.

4. Make Your Own Decorations

On a budget? Make your own decorations!

New Year's Eve Decorations with a countdown clock, glasses, confetti balloons, pinata, and glitter cups

5. New Year’s Countdown Clock

Like this super cute countdown clock! It’s festive, shiny, and helps your child countdown the hours to the new year!

6. Giant Confetti Balloons

Balloons are a must for a New Year’s Eve family friendly party! While the silver and gold ones are lovely, these giant confetti balloons are awesome! They’re big, colorful, and fun to play with.

7. Glitter Dipped Cups

We always had sparkling grape juice for New Year’s Eve growing up. Make it more festive with these glitter dipped cups. It is fun and you’ll feel fancy drinking your fun drinks!

8. New Year’s Eve Glasses

Dress up with these fun New Year’s Eve glasses! They’re made of pipe cleaners and  you can choose any color. Make it extra festive by using the sparkly pipe cleaners.

New Year’s Eve Printables

New Year's Eve printable activities with worksheets and coloring sheets

These New Year’s Even won’t be complete without these amazing printables.

9. 2022 New Year’s Coloring Pages

Check out this super cute free printable 2022 New Year’s Eve coloring pages.

10. New Year’s Eve Activities

It is also great to look back with these free printable New Year’s Eve activities.

11. New Year’s Eve Printables

Looking for more New Years Eve printables? This list has decorations, coloring sheets, activity sheets, and more!

12. New Year’s Eve Crack The Code

Want a bigger challenge? Try our New Year’s Eve crack the code printable.

13. New Year’s Eve Banner

Need a banner? We have this Happy New Year’s coloring page. You can get large prints of  these coloring pages at Staples. Add glitter, paint, pom poms, sequins, make it fabulous!

New Year’s Eve Food


Don’t forget the food! No New Year’s Eve party is complete without delicious food! You don’t have to provide gourmet fare, but do arrange the table with colorful dishes to establish a party mood.

14. Kid Friendly New Years Eve Snacks

Your kids will love these 15 Kid Friendly New Years Eve Snacks! Finger foods are always a great choice.

15. Hot Coco Bar

A build-your-own hot cocoa bar is a current cold weather favorite. Make a hot chocolate topping bar with lots of delicious things like: whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate and caramel drizzle, crushed candies, and more.

16. Treat Station

Make an ice cream sundae station or decorate-your-own cupcake feature works just as well. The idea is to give the kids something interesting to do and you will get extra points if they can eat it, too!

17. Savory New Year’s Eve Apps

These New Year’s Eve apps are savory and perfect for older kids or even the less picky smaller kids, though these are not toddler friendly. They all look delicious though!

18. Dips For Kids

Chips and dips are an easy snack! We have 5 dips for kids that are perfect for your kid friendly New Year’s Eve party! We have both savory, some sweet, and some of them even have vegetables!

19. French Bread Pizza Recipe For Kids

These French Bread pizza bites are perfect finger foods for your New Year’s Eve party. Who doesn’t like pizza? Plus, it is fun to make as a family. Make it your own! Add all sort of toppings like: pepperoni, sausage, veggies, cheese!

20. Star Shaped Cookies

Make yummy desserts. Bake, decorate (and eat) star-shaped cookies or some other special treat.

Fun Activity Ideas For Kids New Years Eve Party

Celebrate the New Year with balloon surprises - Kids Activities Blog - kids chasing balloons around the room with a Christmas tree in background
Let’s have some new years eve fun!

21. Hourly Balloon Surprises

One of my favorite suggestions for New Year’s Eve is to write a special activity to do on a piece of paper; roll it up and stick it inside a balloon. Blow the balloon up and write a time (for example, 7 PM) on it.

When the clock chimes 7, the balloon is popped and it’s time for that activity. Have balloons for each hour until midnight.

Whether or not you use the balloon technique to generate activities, having several fun things planned is imperative if you want happy kids!

Happy New Year Party Hats worn by child and teddy bear - Kids Activities Blog
Big party to ring in the new year!

New Years Party Games for Kids

21. Karaoke

Take turns being a karaoke star. It’s even more fun if you have a few costume pieces for various star personalities.

22. Star Gazing

Bundle up, go outside, and see who can find the Big Dipper first. Make sure to ooh and ahh over the beautiful night sparkles, then come in for mugs of hot cocoa.

23. New Year’s Resolutions

Give the kids a stack of magazines. Let them cut out pictures of things they want to do, see, or be in the New Year.

Or Make yourself a goal board! Each person can add something they’d like to complete this New Year.

24. Make A Wish

Make an I Wish Tree for each child. Use a small tree branch in a shiny container; provide colorful paper, a hole punch, and string so that each child can write down hopes for the New Year and hang them on the I Wish Tree.

25. New Year’s Eve Party Games

Play a game! Here are lots of options, from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Child blowing a party blower for New Years Eve - Kids Activities Blog
Happy New Year!

26. Watch A Movie

Make it cozy by making a pillow/blanket fort on the floor.

27. Remember

Review and write down a list of favorites from the past year, (this is fun to keep and look back on, too).

28. Firework Craft

Make exciting New Year’s crafts like this firework craft. Many of us won’t be able to see them this year, so it will be fun making them.

29. DIY Noise Makers

Make your kids New Year’s Eve party even more festive with these DIY noise makers. They’re simple to make using only ribbons, beads, paper plates, paint, and glue!

30. Babysitting

If you are also hosting adults and will be busy interacting with your contemporaries, then by all means engage an older sibling or baby sitter, or at least have the adults take turns overseeing the younger generation.

New years eve party themes 2021 with activities, foods, kids blowing noise makers, and more

If you have pre-planned kids activities, everyone can have a fun, safe time.

Be sure to use those noise makers and pop the confetti balloons at midnight. Toast one another and the New Year with pop or sparkling juice in fancy glasses.

Have a Happy New Year!

New year party decorations to include sparklers, and streamers
Happy New Year!

More New Year’s Eve Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What will your kids be doing on New Years Eve? Share your New Years Eve Party ideas for kids below…

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  1. I love these ideas! It is great idea about letting them pick out things for them to see and make goals for the new year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great list of fun things to do with kids on NYE! Since we are in California, in the past we have hosted a party with both kids and adults and watched the ball drop to bring in the new year with a toast at 9pm. Then the crowds head home to put their young ones to bed. 🙂 One of the benefits of being on the west coast!

  3. FABULOUS! Love every single idea! Im putting together a little countdown blog post for kids activities and plan to reference this page. Thanks as always Holly, you ladies are great!