Pancake Roll Ups The Kid Style

Pancakes are a big part of our breakfast. Especially on the weekends. We pretty much tried every pancake recipe ever written or told. We wanted something different. So we rolled our sleeves and came up with our own pancake recipe – Pancake Roll Ups, because when it comes to kids – it’s all about the presentation, isn’t?

pancake roll ups

As I mentioned above we only try to eat pancakes on the weekends, so when we do it’s definitely a treat. There may or may not be chocolate involved :).

Directions for Pancake Roll ups

For these pancake roll ups you can use your favorite pancake recipe. Just make sure the pancakes aren’t too thin or too thick. Somewhere between crepes and fluffy American pancakes. If you see they are coming out too thick just dilute the batter with some water or milk. If they are too thin add some more flour.

pancake roll ups

Here is my basic pancake recipe:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 glasses of buttermilk (or plain yogurt)
  • Flour
  • baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 spoons of sugar
  • butter for the pan and for pancakes

for the roll ups:

  • bananas
  • chocolate spread


  1. After cooking the pancakes, spread some chocolate spread on each of them. I made my own (by melting 1 bar of dark chocolate in the pan on low heat) because my kids have nut allergies. You can use Nutella or any other chocolate spreads. I believe Peanut Butter would be P.E.R.F.E.C.T. here too.
  2. Put banana on the pancake and roll it.
  3. Carefully cut the rolled up pancake in half and then in smaller pieces.
  4. Add some more syrup, spread, sauce, some fruit. What ever their little hearts desire.

pancake roll ups

We love these pancake roll ups because it’s so easy to eat and of course they are so so yummy. Since no forks or knives needed here, it could be perfect for   breakfast picnic. A glass of milk would go perfect here too.

roll ups

I hope you enjoy your breakfast with these pancake roll ups and start the day with a lot of happy faces and full tummies.

pancake roll ups

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