What can make breakfast even better? How about a little bit of magic in the form of Unicorn pancakes?

Yes, You Can Get A Unicorn Pancake Griddle That’ll Bring Magic To Breakfast and you know that your kids are going to love this!

This Unicorn Pancake Griddle makes the perfect mini pancakes that are stamped with an adorable unicorn design.

The pan makes 7 mini unicorn pancakes so you can make an entire batch of unicorn pancakes for the entire family in no time!

Simply heat up the griddle, pour your pancake batter into the cavities and watch the magic happen as the batter turns into pancakes.

Want to take it up a notch? Add some whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles as toppings!

This Unicorn Pancake Griddle is just $24.95 and you can grab it right on Amazon here.

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