Most Adorable Easy Cupcake Liner Owls Craft

Let’s make one of the cutest kids crafts around using cupcake liners…the more colorful, the better! We are making cupcake liner owls in this fun craft for kids of all ages. This makes a great classroom craft (see below for a coordinating learning game) or as a fun thing to make at home.

This is our favorite owl craft which works for owl classroom studies like the letter o, cute owl decoration for the home or just because you love owls!

Owl family made from cupcake liners
Oh the cuteness! Let’s make cupcake liner owls!

Owl Craft for Kids

Today we’re making an adorable owl craft of our own.  Our owls are super-cute, and they’re quick and easy to make, with just a few simple supplies.

This is one of Kids Activities Blog most cherished craft ideas which is why it was included as one of the favorite classic kids crafts that are part of the massive book, The Big Book of Kids Activities with over 500 projects for kids.

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googly eyes, foam shapes, glue stick
Here are the supplies you will need to make this owl craft.

Supplies Needed

coloured, patterned cupcake liners
How to choose a cupcake liner for this craft…

Choosing Cupcake Liners for Making Owls

I chose colorful liners in two sizes.  I grabbed mine at the bulk food store, but you can get them at the grocery store or dollar store too.  

You could even use plain or solid color cupcake liners, and have your child decorate them with crayons, paint or markers.


making a cupcake liner owl, step-by-step
Here are the 3 simple folds you will do.

Step 1

Start by flattening out your cupcake liner, colored side facing down.

Fold #1

Fold one side of your liner, almost to the middle, angling the fold a little, so the top of the folded cupcake liner will be a little wider than the bottom.

Fold #2

Repeat with the the other side of the liner.

Fold #3

Fold the top quarter of the cupcake liner down.

cupcake liner folded to look like an owl
This is what your finished fold will look like.

Now you’ll have something that looks like this.  It’s starting to resemble an owl already isn’t it?

Adding eyes and beak to cupcake liner owl
Now it is time to add the googly eyes, beak and feet.

Step 2

Next, have your child glue on googly eyes, and a beak that you’ve cut from a piece of craft foam (or construction paper or card stock).

Step 3

For the owl’s feet, we cut small foam flowers in half.  They kind of resemble talons, don’t they?

pink cupcake liner owl
Squeal! Our cupcake liner owls look so cute!

Finished Owl Craft

And, that’s all there is to it, my friends!  Your cupcake liner owls are complete!  Aren’t they sweet?

muffin liner owls for skip counting game
This owl craft can be turned into a learning game!

Variation for Kids Owl Craft

Now, find some twigs to perch your owl family on, glue them in place, and check out that skip-counting game I was talking about!

Use Your Homemade Owls in a Math Game

These cupcake liner owls go along with a skip-counting game  that your child can play when learning to count by twos.  

You’re ready to play!

Yield: A Lot!

Folded Cupcake Liner Owls

cupcake owls craft for kids

Use this simple folding pattern to transform ordinary cupcake liners into the cutest paper owls! Add some googly eyes, a beak and some feet and you have the cutest owl craft for kids.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • variety of cupcake liners
  • googly eyes
  • craft foam or card stock


  • glue stick
  • scissors or preschool training scissors


  1. Flatten cupcake liner out with patterned/colored side facing down.
  2. Fold one side almost to the middle angling the fold a little so the top of the folded cupcake liner is wider at the top than the bottom.
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
  4. Fold the top quarter of the cupcake liner down.
  5. Embellish with googly eyes and beak/feet cut from craft foam or card stock using a glue stick.

More Owl Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Coffee Filter Owl Crafts from The Big Book of Kids Activities - a series of coffee filter owls shown with a open box of watercolor paint
A variation of this owl craft for kids is in The Big Book of Kids Activities!

The Big Book of Kids Activities

A variation of this fun folded owl craft is featured in our newest book, The Big Book of Kids Activities has 500 projects that are the bestest, funnest ever! Written for kids ages 3-12 it is the compilation of bestselling kids activities books perfect for parents, grandparents and babysitters looking for new ways to entertain kids. 

The Big Book of Kids Activities features a variation on this popular owl craft for kids - cover of book shown
Look in the upper left corner for a peek at the owl craft inside!

This cupcake liner turned coffee filter craft is one of over 30 classic crafts that use materials you have on hand that are featured in this book!

Oh! And grab The Big Book of Kids Activities printable play calendar for a year’s worth of playful fun.

How did your cupcake liner owls craft turn out? Did your kids love making owl crafts?

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