Are your kids learning counting? These cute bug counting worksheets will help them with just that!

There are so many fun ways you can help your kids learn to count, these being just one of them!

Bug Counting Worksheets Free Printable

Free Printable Worksheets

I quite honestly never met a kid that wouldn’t like bugs, at least some of them – it’s a fun fascination that weakens as we get older it seems (especially spiders right?!?). Preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will love these the most, but older kids might enjoy these too as quick boredom busters.

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The Printable Bug Counting Worksheets Pack Includes

  • 2  pages where kids have to count the bugs and circle the correct answer (1 out of 3).
  • 2 pages where kids have to count how many different bugs there are on the sheet and write down the correct number.

More Fun Bug Printables and Counting Activities

Can you ever have enough bugs? I guess not (household excluded naturally, you can certainly have too many there)! This bug counting game is a must then! Also check this active counting game for kids. If you want something more than just counting also grab these bug activity sheets or this bug matching game.

Bug Counting Worksheets

 More BUg and Counting Fun From Kids Activities Blog

This dinosaur egg game teaches your little ones how to count!

Check out these cute bug coloring pages.

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