My biggest challenge of the holidays so far is getting my daughter to read. The final suggestion from her teacher before the summer break was for me to encourage her to continue reading to sharpen skills gained during the academic year and build on her creative skills by motivating her to draw, draw, draw and then write short little stories under her drawings. So to foster a love of reading during the summer months and reward my daughter for taking time out from playing to read I’ve created a free printable  Summer Reading Kit, including a Reading Certificate and Reading Journal. Print it out so your child can show everyone what a super summer reader they are too! and chart all the books they have read during the summer holidays. Summer Reading Kit Free Printable The best part of reading is that you can reach the most exciting places without ever leaving home. Books are magic!

Download here:

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  1. I would love to have the certificate with the image of a boy as well. I’m a teacher and I would like to share with the parents.