We have a huge list of patriotic crafts for kids. Kids of all ages will be able to show off their patriotism and love for their country with these fun and simple crafts, many of which are budget-friendly. Whether it is Memorial day, the 4th of July, or Veterans day, these patriotic crafts are perfect whether you make them at home or in the classroom!

Text: Over 100 patriotic crafts and activities- little boy sitting in red shirt with red white and blue paper hat waving an American flag- kids activities blog
We have patriotic crafts and activities for kids of all ages!

Fun Patriotic Crafts For Kids

We love making Patriotic crafts and activities for kids here at Kids Activities Blog!

I don’t know what it is about patriotic crafts, but they remind me of parades, hot summer days, melting popsicles, and happy memories. Quite frankly, they make me smile! Today, I’m thrilled to share over 100 patriotic crafts and activities that I hope will inspire lots of fun and laughter between you and your kids.

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Huge List Of Patriotic Crafts and Activities

1. Patriotic Crafts For 4th Of July

We have one of the best Patriotic crafts for the 4th of July! From patriotic fans, decor, and more, we have it all.

2. Patriotic Flag T-Shirt Craft

Start things off right by letting kids make and wear their own flag patriotic tee-shirt.

3. 4th Of July Milk Jug Garland Craft

This milk jug garland is such a unique 4th of July decoration! via Crafty Journal 

4. Patriotic Candle Jar Craft

Brighten the night with recycled patriotic candle jars. via Memorizing the Moments 

5. Red, White, and Blue Coffee Filter Decoration Craft

Make coffee filter stars for an easy and inexpensive DIY decoration. via Simple Fun for Kids 

6. 4th Of July Noisemaker Craft

It’s not a holiday without these 4th of July noisemakers! via School Time Snippets

7. DIY Patriotic Window Clings Craft

These DIY patriotic window clings are so cool! via Chica Circle

8. Tie Dye Shirts For The 4th of July 

Make matching tie-dye shirts for the 4th of July! via School Time Snippets 

Patriotric crafts and activities for kids- tin red white and blue flower vases, red white and blue tie dye shirt, red white and blue crown, red white and blue popsicle- kids activities blog
I’m not sure which red, white, and blue craft is my favorite!

Patriotic Crafts for Kids 

9. Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Lantern Craft

Decorate red, white, and blue patriotic lanterns and make summer nights last just a little bit longer.

10. Red, White, and Blue Necklace Craft

These red, white, and blue necklaces are as fun to wear as they are to make! via Buggy and Buddy

11. Patriotic Paint Splatter Art Craft

Kids love paint splatter art, and this is a cool patriotic one! via Mini Monets and Mommies 

12. Patriotic Confetti Egg Craft

Have you ever made confetti eggs? Here is a red, white, and blue version! via JDaniel4’s Mom 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- red white and blue paper décor, starts, and paper rockets
Red, white, and blue patriotic rocket craft for kids.

Red, White, and Blue Crafts

13. Patriotic Décor Craft

Decorate your wall with this adorable patriotic craft! via Dabbling Momma

14. 4th of July Dancing Ribbon Rings Craft

These dancing ribbon rings are such a simple way to add a little sparkle to your 4th of July! via Life with Moore Babies

15. 4th Of July Centerpiece Craft

These decorative patriotic mason jars make for the perfect 4th of July centerpiece! Fill them with flowers, or utensils! via Mama of Many Blessings

16. Patriotic Busy Bag Activity

Keep kids busy with this patriotic busy bag! via Crafty Journal

17. 4th Of July Patriotic Wand Crafts

Blast your family’s favorite music and have a dance party in the yard with these patriotic wands this 4th. via Buggy and Buddy

18. Patriotic Paper Plate Wind Sock Craft

Check out this unique version of a patriotic wind sock, made with paper plates! via JDaniel4’s Mom 

19. Patriotic Suncatcher Craft

Decorate your windows with these patriotic suncatchers. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- American flag drawn on the paper with red, white, and blue crayons
Drawing of the American flag with red, white, and blue crayons.

Easy 4th of July Crafts 

20. Patriotic Tie Dye Beach Bag Craft

This patriotic tie-dye beach bag will be your go-to tote bag all summer long! via Irresistible Pets

21. Patriotic Paper Tube Rockets Craft

Kids will love making patriotic paper tube rockets via My Teen Guide

22. Red, White, and Blue Wind Chime Craft

Use tin cans to make red, white, and blue wind chimes to decorate your yard for the 4th of July! via Joyfully Weary

23. Patriotic Torn Paper Star Craft

This torn paper star craft is a wonderful hand eye coordination activity for little ones! via Frog Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

24. Patriotic Tie Dye Dog Shirt Craft

Your furbaby can match the rest of the family with this patriotic tie-dye dog shirt. via Irresistible Pets

25. Fireworks Golf Ball Art Craft

Fireworks golf ball art is such a fun way to paint! via The Realistic Mama

Patriotic crafts and activities- fork paint firework, toilet paper tube star craft- red white and blue wind chime, felt American flag craft, red white and blue ice cube tray, red and blue dots, scrub brush firework paint craft
How cute are these red, white, and blue crafts?!

4th of July Arts and Crafts ideas 

26. 4th Of July I Spy Printable

Keep your kiddos busy with this 4th of July I Spy printable via Simple Fun for Kids.

27. DIY 4th of July Shirt Craft

Make matching DIY 4th of July t-shirts for the family! via Mama of Many Blessings 

28. Patriotic Wooden Bracelet Craft

Use Washi tape to make patriotic wooden bracelets. via Mama Miss

29. Rocket Flyer Craft

Rocket flyers are so fun to make and then play with! via Brainpower Family 

20. Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Bike For A 4th of July Parade

If your town’s 4th of July parade has been canceled, decorate your kid’s bikes, and make your own parade in the driveway! via Coffee Cups and Crayons 

21. DIY 4th of July Pinwheel Craft

Decorate your garden with DIY 4th of July pinwheel craft. via One Mama’s Daily Drama 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities and patriotic recipes- red white and blue sprinkles on cupcakes
Red, white, and blue decorated vanilla cupcakes–the perfect patriotic treat!

Easy 4th of July Recipes 

22. Patriotic Fruit Kabob Recipe

Start the 4th off with a healthy breakfast for your kids with these yummy patriotic fruit kabobs. via School Time Snippets

23. Red, White, and Blue Sugar Cookie Bar Recipe

These red, white, and blue sugar cookie bars are so yummy and fun to make! 

24. 4th of July Gummy Candy Recipe

4th of July gummi candy is a yummy topping for cupcakes via Mama Miss.

25. 4th Of July Cake Recipe

Looking for the perfect 4th of July dessert? Try this yummy 4th of July cake with a surprise in the middle! via What Can We Do with Paper and Glue  

26. Patriotic Strawberries Recipe

Don’t forget to add these adorable patriotic strawberries to your BBQ to-do list!

27. Patriotic Fruit Kabobs For Kids

Start your 4th off the healthy way with these patriotic fruit kabobs for kids! via School Time Snippets

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities and recipe- red white and blue cake with blueberries, cream, and strawberries on chocolate cake.
Round chocolate cake decorated as an American flag with yummy frosting, strawberries, and blueberries.

more Delicious 4th of July Treats and Recipes for Kids 

28. Patriotic Corn Dog Recipe

This cutest corn dog ever will be a hit at any patriotic BBQ <—psst…kids can decorate them too!

29. 4th of July Edible Flag Recipe

Decorate your 4th of July table with this edible flag craft! via The Educators’ Spin on It 

30. Red, White, and Blue Layered Drink Recipe

Spoil your kids with this fancy red, white, and blue layered drink! via Artsy Momma

31. 4th of July Recipes For Kids

Are you looking for fun 4th of July recipes for kids? There are so many yummy ideas here that it will be hard to choose! via Kids Cooking Activities 

32. Patriotic Watermelon Star Recipes

Watermelon stars will brighten your table! You can even stick them in a vase to make a patriotic centerpiece! via Emma Owl

33. 50 Great Patriotic Recipes

Choose from over 50 different patriotic recipes to make with your little ones! via Mama of Many Blessings

34. 4th Of July Yummy Foods

Here are all kinds of yummy 4th of July foods for you to add to your menu. via Play Ok Mom

35. 4th of July Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Recipe

Here are a ton of 4th of July activities and recipes to choose from! We especially love these yummy ice cream cone cupcakes! via The Chirping Moms 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities and Recipes- Red white and blue parfait with cranberries, blueberries, almonds, and yogurt
These patriotic parfaits are a healthy breakfast or dessert, and they are so easy to make! All you need is plain or vanilla yogurt, granola, strawberries, and blueberries.

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Recipes

36. Patriotic Dipped Pretzel Recipe

Patriotic dipped pretzels are as fun to make as they are to eat! via Mama Miss

37. Red, White, Blue Rice Krispie Treats

Use Rice Krispie treats, cookie cutters, and sprinkles to make some easy red, white, and blue treats! via Mama of Many Blessings

38. Painted Toast Flags 4th of July Recipe

Painted toast flags are a healthy way to start your 4th! via Coffee Cups and Crayons 

39. Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Recipe

Red, white, and blue cupcakes are a fun treat to make with kids for the 4th of July! via Simple Fun for Kids 

40. Red, White, and Blue Muffin Tin Lunch

Kids will love to help make this red, white, and blue muffin tin! via Coffee Cups and Crayons 

41. Red, White, And Blue Firework Cookie Bars Recipe

These exploding cookie bars actually pop in your mouth! via Life with Moore Babies 

42. Red, White, and Blue Layered Jell-O Recipe

Red, white, and blue layered Jell-o is almost too pretty to eat! via Coffee Cups and Crayons 

43. Patriotic Cinnamon Bear Popcorn Recipe

Add a little spice to your 4th of July snacking with this patriotic cinnamon bear popcorn. via Life with Moore Babies 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- two little boys drawing on pavement with chalk
Two little boys drawing an American flag on the sidewalk with chalk.

American Flag Crafts 

44. Simple Popsicle Stick Patriotic Flag Craft

Save your popsicle sticks to make this sweet patriotic flag craft.

45. Quick and Easy Patriotic T-Shirt Flag Craft

This quick and easy patriotic t-shirt flag will take minutes to make!

46. Fourth of July American Flag Print Craft

Make your own flag with this Fourth of July American Flag print craft via Mini Monets and Mommies.

47. American Flag Pin Craft

How nostalgic does this American flag pin make you for your childhood summers? via Rock-a-Bye Parents

48. 4th of July Flag Foot Print Painting Craft

Help your kiddos make a flag painting out of their footprints, for acute way to celebrate the 4th of July! via Coffee Cups and Crayons

49. Sticky Paper American Flag Craft

Use sticky paper to make this American flag craft. via Gift of Curiosity

50. Patriotic Flag Craft Made Of Straws

Make a flag out of straws with this cool idea! via Modern Preschool 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- American flag coloring page colored by child with red and blue markers and crayons
Child drawing the American flag with red and blue markers on white paper.

More DIY Patriotic Flag Crafts 

51. American Flag Painting Craft

Teach your kids about the history of the American flag, while painting a flag craft if their own! via JDaniel4’s Mom 

55. Patriotic Flag Crafts

There are so many patriotic flag crafts to choose from! via Rainbows Within Reach

54. Dot to Dot American Flag Craft

Use Do-A-Dot markers to make a flag! via Meaningful Mama

55. Creative American Flag Craft

Make a creative American flag craft, using whatever crafting supplies you have around the house. via EduArt 4 Kids

56. Q-Tip American Flag Paint Craft

Use a Q-tip to paint an American flag. via 3 Dinosaurs

57. American Flag Picture Frame Craft

DIY 4th of July decorations are the best–especially this flag picture frame! via Crafty Moms Share 

58. Patriotic Flag Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make a flag out of toilet paper rolls, and check out the other amazing patriotic crafts, too! via Elemenopkids

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- Red white and Blue American flag pinwheel
American flag pinwheels are such a fun craft to make and play with–they even double as a fun, patriotic lawn decoration!

Easy American Flag and Patriotic Crafts for Kids 

59. 3D Fireworks Craft

Decorate your porch with this 3D fireworks craft! via Buggy and Buddy

60. DIY Firework Paint Stamps Craft

Use pipe cleaners as a DIY stamper for this fun fireworks painting. via Artsy Momma

62. Patriotic American Flag Windsock Craft

Flag windsocks are so pretty and easy to make! via Scattered Thoughts Of A Craft Mom

67. Simple and Easy American Flag Craft

You can’t go wrong with this simple American flag craft! via Fun-A-Day

68. Paper Plate Flag 4th of July Craft

Turn a paper plate into a flag for a unique 4th of July craft! via Simply Today Life 

69. Patriotic Crepe Paper Flag Craft

Making a crepe paper flag is an easy craft that is fun for kids of all ages! via Meaningful Mama

70. Paint A Flag Pom Pom Craft

Use pom poms and clothes pins to paint a flag. via Crafty Morning

71. Patriotic Yarn Flag Craft

Do you have extra yarn? Use it to make a yarn flag! via 3 Dinosaurs 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities supplies- red white and blue paper, wood sticks, paper tape, and scissors against a blue background
Patriotic crafting supplies are most likely items you have around the house, like red, white, and blue construction paper, tape, and scissors!

Awesome Patriotic Crafts

72. Stars and Stripes Sticker Resist Painting Craft

Switch up your patriotic crafting with an abstract option–like this stars and stripes sticker resist painting. via Play Dr Mom 

73. Popsicle Stick and Sequins American Flag Craft

Grab some popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and sequins, and make a flag! As an added bonus, glue magnets to the back to create a cute, patriotic magnet for the fridge! via Crafty Morning

74. Sparkly and Glittery American Flag Craft

Add some sparkle to your 4th with this glittery American flag craft! via Mini Monets and Mommies 

75. American Craft Flag Patterns

Check out these flag patterns! via Gift of Curiosity

76. Adorable Flag Craft

This cute little flag craft would make an adorable place setting! via Tot School Resources 

77. Dyed Rice American Flag Craft

Use dyed rice to create an American flag! via Powerful Mothering 

78. Glow In The Dark Flag Craft

This flag craft is complete with glow-in-the-dark stars! via Memorizing the Moments

79. Flag Mosaic Craft

Get fancy with this flag mosaic craft! via What Can We Do with Paper and Glue 

80. American Flag Collage Craft

Honor the American flag with this flag collage! via Meaningful Mama 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- mom and son watching fireworks at night
Mother and son watching fireworks.

Patriotic Fireworks Crafts

81. DIY Patriotic Firework Craft

Kids can make their own patriotic fireworks with this unique way to paint.

82. 4th of July Exploding Firework Painting Craft

This exploding fireworks painting is a unique 4th of July craft! via Inspiration Laboratories

83. 3D Cupcake Liner Firework Craft

Do you have as many cupcake liners in your pantry as I do? Use them to make some amazing 3D cupcake liner fireworks! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

84. DIY Firecracker Sensory Bottle Craft

Make a DIY firecracker bottle for a patriotic spin on a sensory bottle! via Mama of Many Blessings 

85. Q Tip Firework Painting Craft

Make fireworks with Q-tips and paint! via Crafty Morning 

86. Bottle Stamp Firework Paint Craft

We love this creative idea of using the bottom end of a bottle to paint fireworks! via Sparklingbuds

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- Red white blue American flag being held by family with fireworks in the forefront
Family watching a fireworks display.

Easy Firework and Sparkler Crafts for Kids

87. Foam Sparkler 4th of July Craft

Check out all of these fabulous 4th of July crafts–like foam sparklers! via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails 

88. Kids Fireworks Craft Using A Dish Brush

If the fireworks show near you is canceled, you can still celebrate with this kids fireworks craft using a dish brush! via Crafty Morning

89. Create Your Own Fireworks Craft

Has your local fireworks show been canceled? Create your own with this fun fireworks craft! via Teaching Mama

90. Cool Firework Craft

These fireworks are so cool–they are made from salt! via Gift of Curiosity

91. Glittery Fireworks 4th of July Patriotic Craft

These glittery fireworks will brighten your 4th! via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails 

92. Paint and Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft

Cut up a toilet paper roll, dip it in paint, and then use it to make a fireworks craft. via Crafty Morning

93. Sparkler Inspired 4th of July Craft

How cute is this sparkler-inspired 4th of July craft? via Mommy’s Bundle 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- tin patriotic red white and blue paper craft against a blue background
Make your own fireworks with this cute craft! All you need is red, white, and blue paper, scissors, straws, and a tin can that you can paint to look like the American flag!

Fireworks Activities for Kids 

94. Color Resist Crayons and Paint Firework Craft

Celebrate the fireworks with a color-resist crayons and paint craft. via Our Kid Things

95. Fun 4th of July Firework Wand Craft

Looking for a fun last-minute 4th of July craft? Try this fireworks wand! via Lalymom

96. Easy To Make Fireworks Sensory Jar Craft

The fireworks show doesn’t have to end with these easy-to-make fireworks in a jar! via Gift of Curiosity

97. Wet Chalk Firework Craft

Use wet chalk to make fireworks! via Crafty Morning 

98. Toothbrush Fireworks Craft

Do you have an extra toothbrush? use it to make fireworks! via Crafty Morning 

99. Firework Straw Craft For Kids

Use straws to make fireworks! via Crafty Morning 

100. Puffy Paint Amazing Firework Craft

Puffy paint makes the most amazing fireworks! via Life with Moore Learning 

101. Fork and Paint Firework Craft

Household items make the best art supplies! Use a fork to make fireworks! via Crafty Morning

Fourth of July Coloring Pages- patriotic printables and coloring sheets with USA, flags, 4th of july, fireworks, BBQs, country
These patriotic printable crafts and coloring sheets are the best.

Patriotic Printables 

102. 4th Of July Fun Printable

Add some joy to your 4th with this fun printable! via 5 Little Chefs 

103. Patriotic Coloring Page

Need to stay indoors to beat the heat? Try this patriotic coloring page to bring the fun inside.

104. Uncle Sam Free Printable

Make your own Uncle Sam with a free printable! via Simply Full of Delight

105. 4th Of July Beginning Sound Cards

Keep it educational with these 4th of July beginning sound cards. via Simple Fun for Kids 

106. Patriotic Printable Pack

Get your little ones excited about the 4th with this patriotic printable pack. via Gift of Curiosity 

107. Free Printable Patriotic S’mores Party Pack

How sweet is this patriotic s’mores party pack?! There is even a free printable! via Chica Circle

108. Celebrate With These Patriotic Printables

Celebrate the 4th with patriotic printables! via Chica Circle 

109. Star Spangled Math Activity Sheets

These star spangled math activity sheets will be fun for your kiddos! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

110. Educational Fireworks Word Search Free Printable

Celebrate the 4th with a fun and educational activity–like this fireworks word search! via Mama Miss 

111. 4th Of July Grid Game Printable

This 4th of July grid game printable makes for a fun family activity! via Simple Fun for Kids 

112. American Flag Printables For Kids

Check out these American flag printables! via Gift of Curiosity

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- Child dressed up like Uncle Sam in red white and blue suit, cotton beard against an American flag
Cute little boy dressed up as Uncle Sam, standing in front of the American flag.

Educational Patriotic Activities

113. 4th of July Activities For Kids

Are you looking for some fun and educational ways to celebrate the 4th? Check out these 4th of July activities! via 1+1+1=1

114. 4th of July History Lesson Activity

Educate your little ones about the history behind the 4th of July. via Piwi Kids 

115. 4th of July Yoga Activity

Celebrate the 4th of July with yoga! via Kids Yoga Stories 

116. American President Stick Puppet Activity

Use coins as the face to make these president stick puppets! via Suzy Homeschooler 

117. Patriotic Math Lesson Activity

Teach you kids a fun and patriotic math lesson! via Living Montessori Now 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- mount Rushmore and Statue of Liberty with American flag
Collage of patriotic American symbols: the Statue of Liberty Mount Rushmore, and the American flag.

Educational 4th of July Activities for Kids 

118. Easy Star Button Wreath Craft

Raid your sewing kit for extra buttons so that you can make this Easy Star Button Wreath! via Fun Family Crafts

119. Best 4th of July Books For Kids

Check out this amazing list of 4th of July books for kids! via Joyfully Weary

120. 4th of July Montessori Activities

Kids will love these 4th of July Montessori activities! via Gift of Curiosity

121. Mt. Rushmore Paper Sculpture Activity

Study our forefathers with this Mt. Rushmore paper sculpture. via Piwi Kids 

122. Deep Dive Into The Pledge of Allegiance

Make sure your children understand the pledge of allegiance. via Crafty Moms Share 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- clear marbles and red beads against a white background
Red beads with clear marbles are fun and patriotic sensory craft supplies!

Patriotic Sensory Activities

123. 4th Of July Sensory Bin Activity

This 4th of July sensory bin is so pretty that it’s practically a decoration itself! via Gift of Curiosity

124. Patriotic Sensory Bin Activity

Make a 4th of July sensory bin for a fun 4th of July sensory activity. via Teaching Mama

125. Sparkly Patriotic Star Sensory Table Activity

This sparkly, squishy star sensory table is magical! via Life with Moore Babies

126. Patriotic Sensory Play

We can’t get enough of patriotic sensory play in our house! via There’s Just One Mommy 

127. Montessori Patriotic Hand Eye Coordination Sensory Activity

Work on eye-hand coordination with this Montessori-inspired fun with golf balls and ping pong balls via Living Montessori Now 

128. Colored Noodles Sensory Activity For The 4th of July

Colored noodles make a great sensory activity for the 4th of July! via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails 

129. Beautiful 4th of July Sensory Bin

This 4th of July sensory bin is so pretty that it’s practically a decoration itself! via Gift of Curiosity

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- baby laying on top of American flag
Baby with an American flag.

Patriotic Crafts for Babies and Toddlers

130. 4th of July Crafts For Toddlers

Check out these amazing 4th of July crafts–there are even crafts for toddlers! via Crafty Journal

131. 4th of July Crafts For Babies

Celebrate the 4th with even the youngest members of the family with these 4th of July crafts for baby, via House of Burke.

132. 4th of July Toddler Tutu Craft

How sweet is this 4th of July toddler tutu?! via i heart arts n crafts 

133. Patriotic Fireworks Toddler Painting Craft

Every kids loves fingerpainting–especially if it involves fireworks! via The OT Toolbox

134. Baby 4th of July Sensory Activity

Yogurt and food color are all that you need to keep baby busy with this sweet 4th of July sensory activity! via Simple. Home. Blessings.

135. Red, White and Blue Water Sensory Activity For Toddlers

Your little ones will love to explore this red, white, and blue water sensory bin. via Simple Fun for Kids

136. Dot To Dot Patriotic Printables For Toddlers

There are so many Do-A-Dot printables for your little ones to choose from! via Tot Schooling 

137. American Flag Keepsake Craft For Babies and Toddlers

Use your little one’s footprint to make a patriotic keepsake with this footprint American flag craft for kids! via Crafty Morning 

138. 4th of July Handprint and Song Activity For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Celebrate the 4th with this flag handprint and song! via Mama Miss

139. American Flag Play Dough Mat Craft For Toddlers

This free American flag play dough mat is a great way to celebrate the 4th with toddlers! via Tot Schooling

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- little boy waving an American flag
Toddler holding the American flag.

4th of July Activities for Preschoolers

140. Handprint Firework Craft For Preschoolers

Handprints make the cutest fireworks! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

141. Patriotic DIY Stamper Craft For Preschoolers

Use cookie cutters to make DIY stampers for this fun, patriotic craft! via 3 Dinosaurs

142. Independence Day Goopy Dough Activity For Preschoolers

Spend your Independence Day playing with red, white, and blue goopy dough! via The OT Toolbox

143. Red, White, Blue Glitter Slime Craft For Preschoolers

Get your kiddos ready to celebrate the 4th in style with red, white, and blue glitter slime! via Mini Monets and Mommies 

144. Red, White, and Blue Easel Art For Preschoolers

This red, white, and blue easel art is the perfect art project to set up in the yard! via The OT Toolbox

145. Statue Of Liberty Crown Craft For Preschoolers

Make a statue of liberty crown for your little one to wear this 4th! via Buggy and Buddy

146. Red White and Blue DIY Stampers Crafts For Preschoolers

Make your own DIY stampers with this berry art activity. via Mini Monets and Mommies

147. Fine Motor Skills Firework Activities For Preschoolers

Engage kids with this fun fine motor and auditory skills fireworks activity. via The OT Toolbox

148. Patriotic Handprint Mobile Craft For Preschoolers

Make a patriotic handprint mobile for a fun keepsake. via Teen Entertainment Guide 

149. 10 Patriotic Activities For Preschoolers

Looking for 4th of July activities for little kids? Here are 10 patriotic activities for preschoolers–there’s even a rocket craft! via Fun-a-Day

150. Red, White, and Blue Slime Craft For Preschoolers

Make 4th of July red, white, and blue swirled slime! via One Crazy Mom 

100+ Patriotic Crafts and Activities- Mom and baby holding American flag at 4th of July BBQ
Mother holding her baby and a flag during a 4th of July cookout.

More Patriotic Fun for the Whole Family 

Which patriotic crafts, recipes, and activities will you be doing this year?

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