The below 4th of July crafts  are coming to you just in the nick of time!  If you’ve been postponing your holiday crafts, we have a few last minute ones that you can create pretty easily.  You probably have a lot of these ingredients in your home right now!

Here is a selection of 4th of July crafts.

fourth of july crafts

7  {Fun and Creative} 4th of July Crafts

1.  Create some patriotic fans to keep you cool in the heat.  All you need an empty milk jug or two.

2.  Make some holiday decor for the 4th with some craft or Popsicle sticks, paint and glitter.  Mom or the older ones can glue them together and the little ones can paint.

3.  Paint your very own fireworks!  This craft is easy because all it takes is squeezing some puff paint into firework designs, adding some glitter and microwaving.

4.  Turn a flower pot into a patriotic, red, white and blue wind chime.

5.  Color some rice in red, white and blue and create a fun  4th of July sensory bin.

6.  Here is a free  printable pack  with 57 4th of July activities.  This set comes with puzzles, mazes and matching, all geared towards 2-7 year-olds.

7.  These  spirit wands  are a safe alternative to sparklers for the little ones.  Just a wooden rod and ribbon is all you need for this!

Pssst! Check out this easy 4th of July craft idea: how to draw a firework (with craft sticks & paint!)…

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  1. Thank you so much for including our patriotic wands in your awesome roundup! Happy 4th!