We have a cute 4th of July craft that your kids will love. Here are some simple directions on how to make a paper lantern craft with basic craft supplies you probably already have.

Kids Activities Blog hopes this patriotic craft will help “light” your child’s way to having a fun day.

make a patriotic lantern

4th of July Craft: Make a Patriotic Lantern

Some families hang flags outside their homes to celebrate patriotic holidays like the 4th of July. Why not hang a pretty paper lantern featuring patriotic colors?  A single  patriotic lantern could be hung on a tree outside of your house or you could fill a tree with them.  They would surely share your joy in celebrating a national holiday.  Read on to find out how we made this cute 4th of July craft.

Supplies Needed: (affiliates included)

Red, white, and blue construction paper

Glue stick

These are all you will need to make this patriotic lantern. Oh! You will need a pair of scissors too.

How to Make Patriotic Lantern


How did we make it?

You start by cutting out two long strips of blue construction paper. We chose to cut wide strips, but you could cut narrow ones if you like. It is really up to you.

Then we cut short strips out of the red strips out of the red construction paper.

We cut our strips out so they would look wavy. When a flag is waving in a breeze the strips look like this.

You could used to cut your strips  with waves, with zigzags or just straight. Experiment with a variety of types of cutting styles if you like. The lanterns would look pretty with a mixture of strip too.

{4th of July cratt} Paper lantern craft makes a fun patriotic craft for kids

Fun Patriotic Craft

Next we arranged the red strips on the blue strips to make sure we liked their spacing.

Once you start gluing it is really hard to move the strips, and sometimes they tear. It is a good idea to lay them out as we did to make sure you like them.

As we glued, we made sure that the red strips didn’t hang over the ends of the blue strips.

Finally we made white stars by cutting out a bunch of triangles out of construction paper. It is hard to cut out star shapes free hand so, we glued two triangles together to make our own stars.

When the glue had dried, we added them to the red strip on the lantern.

4th of July craft: Make this patriotic craft for kids {easy lantern craft}

What a wonderful display of patriotic symbols! What a fun way to show your patriotism during a special nations holiday.

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