Looking for some calming activities for kids? We have a great list of calming activities perfect for kids of all ages, but particularly younger kids like toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners. Whether at home or at school your child’s day is very stimulating, so help them settle down for nap time with these calming activities and nap games for kids.

Quiet time activities for kids play ideas- calming activities for kids like paper puzzles, threading, felt play, building blocks, and color matching. Text: Sixteen nap play ideas- kids activities blog
So many calming activities and nap games for kids!

Calming Activities For Kids

Getting your kids to calm down during a nap time, with the hopes that they will actually sleep is sometimes easier said than done. These quiet activities are perfect when your little one has free time when their siblings are having some rest time. Or maybe your little one needs a fun activity before nap time.

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From 2 year olds to 6 year olds, these quiet time activities are perfect. There are no messes with markers, crayons, pencils, rather we have fun busy bags, a quiet book, cardboard activities, dolls, and a sensory bin or two. Busy books and simple toys are a great way to get kids to relax. These activities are perfect for the in-between nappers. They are able to be enjoyed independently. They are quiet… AND low-mess.

Quiet and Calming Activities for Kids

1. Tanagram Activities

Quiet time activities for kids - tanagram activities with black and red shapes- kids activities blog
Let’s learn and have quiet games to get ready for naps.

Playing with Tanagrams. Create a set of tanagrams from scrapbook paper and magnetic paper. These take up very little room and can entertain your kids for awhile.

2. Themed Basket Activities

Baskets of Fun. Create different sets of baskets for your kids to play with similarly themed objects. Pull a different basket out each nap time.

3. Lacing Activities

Quiet time activities for kids - heart, green, yellow, blue, and pink, lacing cards- kids activities blog
These lacing cards is a great quiet fine motor skills activity.

Fine Motor skills – Lacing. Create a set of lacing cards. With shoelaces, these become a great way to work on fine motor skills, quietly.

4. Castle Caddy Activity

Castle Caddy. This folding castle is great for on-the-go activities. The link is a destination where you can purchase the plans to make your own.

5. DIY Puzzle Activity

Quiet time activities for kids - DIy puzzle activities with a frog on it- kids activities blog
These block puzzles are a great quiet time activity.

DIY Puzzle Blocks. Simple and fun! Paint blocks with a variety of designs. Your kids can create an array of patterns with the finished product.

6. Pom Pom Sorting Activity

Pom-Pom Sorting. My kids *love* doing this. All you need is a giant bag of pom-poms.

Quiet time activities for kids  band bracelets, straw fine motor skill game, I spy, felt face game, and monster tub transformation- kids activities blog- nap time play ideas- calming activities for kids-
So many nap time games and calming activities to choose from. I love the felt face game!

Quiet Time Activities For Kids

7. DIY Band Bracelet Activity

Band Bracelet Craze. Older kids (at least mine) love to sit *for hours* making bracelet creations for themselves and all their friends.

8. Straw Game and Activity

Fine Motor Play with straws. All you need is a colander and a handful (or three) of straws your kids will be quiet for hours.

9. I-Spy Calming Bottle Activity

Quiet time activities for kids - I spy calming bottle with rice and toys- kids activities blog
This I-Spy sensory bottle doubles as a calming bottle.

I-Spy Bottle. Take a collection of charms and make an I-Spy bottle from them.

10. Felt Face Game and Activity

Felt Face Game. A CD is a great way to keep, store and play with felt. Use shapes to make silly faces.

11. Monster Tub Activity

Monster Tub Transformation. Keep fun quiet toys inside a “monster” – pull the bin out when you especially need the kids to be quiet during naptime.

Quiet time activities for kids 16 nap time play ideas- calming activities for kids- nuts and bolt activity, yarn and sand paper activity, quiet time box activity, popsicle stick puzzle holder, pool noodle blocks- kids activities blog
Check out these quiet time activities. These calming activities for kids are often educational, are sensory activities, and even help your kids practice their fine motor skills.

Nap Game Ideas To Help Kids Settle Down

12. Nuts and Bolts Matching Activity

Matching Game – Nuts and bolts – a collection of bolts of different sizes, and nuts will keep the builder in your life occupied during quiet-time. Obviously, this activity is only for kids who no longer put small objects into their mouths.

13. Yarn and Sandpaper Activity

Yarn and Sandpaper. This has entertained our kids on road trips for hours. Give your kids a sheet of sandpaper and a collection of colorful scraps of yarn. They will be busy making shapes and designs.

14. Quiet-Time Box Activity

Quiet time activities for kids - quiet times box activity with various items inside- kids activities blog
These quiet boxes have so many great activities in them.

Quiet-time Box. Make nap-time toys a single “destination”. Bring a special box of activities out only during quiet hour.

15. Popsicle Stick Puzzle Holder Activity

Popsicle Stick Puzzle Holder. We love our Popsicle stick puzzles. They are super easy to play with. This is a carrier roll to help you and your child organize the puzzles.

16. Pool Noodle Block Activity

Pool Noodle Blocks. We threw out our old pool noodles. I should have kept them and created a set of blocks like these – durable, fun to build with and safe/soft!

More Quiet Time and Calming Activites For Kids From Kids Activities Blog

Quiet time activities for kids - 55+ quiet time games- kids activities blog
We have even more quiet time and nap time activities.

What other calming activities work for your kids?

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