Looking for some calming activities? We have great calming strategies for kids. Every now and then, we need calming activities for kids. This is why we are so excited to share with you 21 effective ways to help young children relax at the end of the day and regulate their big emotions. Kids of all ages can benefit from these calming activities. You can use these calming activities at home or in the classroom.

Calming activities- Image shows a compilation of calming activities for kids, like a sensory bottle, shave foam, and more. From different sources.
Here you’ll find the best way to get quiet time.

21 Different Ways For Kids of All Ages To Decompress

We may think only adults go through stressful situations, but truth be told, children do too. Whether it’s from having a hard time on a school day or going through difficult situations in their personal lives, they also go through times of stress.

But the good news is that today we are sharing so many great ideas and calming strategies to help soothe children. From a sensory activity and calm down jar to play dough with a calming effect, this list of calm down techniques is perfect to use on a regular basis, both on younger children and older kids.

So next time you are looking for a great way to help your kiddo relax and regulate their emotional responses, just pick an activity from this list and see how your child feels better in no time.

Fun Calming Activities For Kids

1. How To Make Homemade Bouncing Bubbles Without Glycerin

Calming activities- Image shows a hand with a blue glove holding homemade bouncing bubble from Kids Activities Blog
Sensory play is always a great choice.

Bubbles are a great way to relax! These bouncing bubbles are so fun for kids of all ages and you will be glad it is such an easy homemade recipe made with common household ingredients.

2. Super Sparkly & Easy Galaxy Slime Recipe

Calming activities- rainbow sparkly galaxy slime stretched out against a white background- kids activities blog
Making and playing with slime is a very calming activity.

Kids of all ages will love to explore color mixing for this galactic slime of deep colors and then use their hands to play with it.

3. Calming Seahorse Zentangle Coloring Page

Calming activities- Image shows a printable seahorse zentangle from Kids Activities Blog
Coloring zentangles is the best way to relax.

 Zentangles are a great way to relax and create art. This seahorse zentangle is perfect for kids who like sea creatures and exploring the ocean.

4. A New Calm and Mindful Bedtime Routine

Calming activities- Image shows a kid in pajamas holding a teddy bear. Idea from kids activities Blog
Getting a good bedtime routine is so important.

Try this routine before bed every night, it helps children wind down before bedtime and settle into a state of calm before drifting off. It also develops emotional regulation, safety, kindness, and connection.

5. 2 Calming Techniques Kids Can Use from Sesame Street: Belly Breathing & Meditation

Calming activities- Image shows Rosita from Sesame Street.
Try these two calming techniques today.

These deep breathing Elmo and monster meditation techniques work for kids of all ages, even younger kids.

6. Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime

Calming activities- Image shows a blue sensory bottle  with stars around it. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Looking for a sensory input? Try this one!

This glowing galaxy sensory bottle is not only a fun craft to make, but it is a great way to get your younger kids to calm down before bed.

7. Make an Easy Twinkling Falling Stars Glitter Jar

Calming activities- Image shows a DIY falling stars glitter jar. from Kids activities blog
We have even more sensory activities!

Make this super cute twinkling falling stars glitter jar. The star glitter drifts and floats in the deep dark water making it calming to watch, and will have kids sleeping in no time.

8. Rice Sensory Bin

Calming activities- Image shows a toddler playing with a rice sensory bin with different objects. From Kids Activities Blog
Rice makes for a great sensory bin ingredient.

Rice is one of our favorite sensory materials. It has an incredibly soothing texture, making it perfect for unwinding play before bedtime. That’s what makes this easy rice sensory bin a great activity!

9. Sponge Tower Time

Calming activities- Image shows a sponge tower in different colors. Idea from Toddler Approved
This sponge tower is so addictive!

You need to make sponge towers! Line them up, sort them, and then stack them! Kids and adults will spend so much time playing with them and relaxing too. From Toddler Approved.

10. Calming Lavender Scented Playdough

Calming activities- Image shows a pink homemade playdough to relax. Idea from The chaos and the clutter
Playdough is one of the kids’ favorite things to play with.

This playdough recipe makes a good sensory outlet for kids with anxiety, and lavender is a soothing scent. Perfect combination! From The Chaos and the Clutter.

11. Shaving Cream Painting Process Art for Preschoolers

Calming activities- Image shows a hand playing with a shaving cream painting activity. From Fun With Mama
Hand painting is also a super relaxing activity.

Shaving Cream Painting is a process art activity for preschoolers and toddlers from 3 years old and up. It is a lot of sensory fun! From Fun With Mama.

12. Calm Down Bottles

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a calm down bottle in different colors. From Play to learn Preschool
You won’t believe how easy it is to set up this activity.

A strategy that works well to help preschoolers regulate their emotions is to provide a quiet place stocked with “Calm Down” bottles. This one only requires one ingredient! From Play to Learn Preschool.

13. No rust Magnetic Discovery Bottle

Magnetic Discovery bottles are a perfect science and sensory activity! Follow this tutorial to make your own that doesn’t rust when you add water. It’s a great way to calm, relax, and promote fine motor skills. From Preschool Inspirations.

14. Calming “Cookie Dough”

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a little girl on a mat with a therapy ball on top of her. Idea from Kids play smarter
Grab your therapy ball – a super powerful tool!

This activity works for relaxing because your child (“the cookie dough”) receives deep pressure and proprioceptive input from the “rolling pin” (the therapy ball). From Kids Play Smarter.

15. Calming Lavender Soap Foam Sensory Play

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a toddlers hands playing with lavender soap foam. From And Next Comes SL
Lavender is known for its relaxing benefits.

Looking for calming sensory activities for kids? Then you need to try this calming lavender soap foam sensory play activity. From And Next Comes SL.

16. 3 Ingredient Galaxy Calm Down Bottle

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a 3 ingredient galaxy calm down bottle. Idea from Preschool inspirations
Here’s another simple galaxy calm down bottle.

With three ingredients, you can make this stunning galaxy calm down bottle! This would also be perfect for the little ones who love learning about space! From Preschool Inspirations.

17. How To Make A Glitter Jar

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows 6 different glitter jars for helping kids relax. Idea from Little bins for little hands
These glitter jars are sooo cute.

A calming glitter jar takes very little time to make but offers numerous, lasting benefits for your kids, and makes a great calm-down tool with its mesmerizing sparkle! From Little Bins For Little Hands.

18. Ice Cream Sensory Bin

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a DIY ice cream sensory bin. from Fantastic fun and learning
Who doesn’t love ice cream?!

This ice cream sensory bin was assembled using a few items from around the house like pom poms, sequins, and an ice cream scoop. From Fantastic Fun And Learning.

19. DIY Moon Sand For Sensory Play

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a DIY moon sand activity with star shapes. Idea from Woojr
We love sensory activities like this one.

This moon sand is super soft so it’s great for kids that don’t like rough textures. It can be shaped and molded like regular wet sand, and you can also add essential oil to make it a calming experience for little ones. From Woo Jr.

20. Lavender Scented Cloud Dough Recipe

Calming strategies for kids- image shows a lavender scented cloud dough craft. From The Imagination Tree
We just can’t get enough of lavender scents!

With only three simple ingredients to mix together and lasting up to 6 months, this makes a great sensory play material to make together or give as a gift too. From The Imagination Tree.

21. Lavender playdough recipe

Calming strategies for kids- Image shows a lavender playdough recipe from Nurture Store
Kids will have so much fun with this play dough recipe.

This homemade lavender playdough recipe is wonderful for calming, soothing sensory play, and is so easy to make. From Nurture Store.


Which calming activity for kids will you try first? Which one was your favorite?

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