This is an easy skeleton activity for kids! It’s a great introduction to human anatomy. Gross Anatomy was my favorite subject.  In fact, I loved it so much that I spent an entire summer in a gross anatomy lab and then the following summer teaching that lab! The base of the human body is the bones, so that’s a great place for kids to start! In no time, they will be ready to learn how to make a heart model!

Learning about how bones fit together is the start of learning how everything else works. I loved finding familiar structures and the detective work required to identify anomalies {something unexpected or unusual}. The simple human skeleton print out even includes labels, so let’s get started! Science activities for kids, like this one, open up a whole world of learning!

on an orange background, two bones and a skull sit. They are labeled with white labels with black text that say "femur", "cranium", and "tibia"

A scary-smart human anatomy lesson kids love!

A Lesson About the Skeleton For Kids!

Halloween is the perfect time to start identifying bones with your kids.  We see skeletons, everywhere, this time of year. The cool thing is that most Halloween skeletons are simplified versions of the real thing.  I suspect fitting 214 bones into a holiday decoration might be a little difficult! So, you may not be able to label every single bone, but you can label the basics!

We have a fun bone identification printable that you can download and use. This printable human skeleton comes with labels for the major bones. 

Skeleton Bones Printable for Kids

This simple skeleton was based on a favorite Halloween costume {more on that in a minute} and can be used as an activity sheet to learn 9 basic bone names that are commonly on decorative skeletons:  clavicle, cranium, femur, humerus, pelvis, ribs, tibia, ulna, and vertebrae.  Don’t worry, page 2 is a key just in case you can’t remember which are which!

Once you’ve got these basics down, it is time for some fun! You can take your knowledge and test it with this fun skeleton craft that uses pasta noodles! After that, if your kids are ready for a real challenge, they can check out this skeleton game! It helps them to connect the bones they’ve learned to their own bodies!

Skeleton Bones Free Printable Activity Sheet and Tags for Kids. A smiling skeleton has blanks to be filled in for each of the words in the word bank, above its head. "clavicle" "cranium" "femur" "humerus" "pelvis" "ribs" "tibia" "ulna" "Vertebrae"
This easy skeleton activity is just a fill in the blank!

Download and print the skeleton printout for kids:  


The third and fourth pages of the skeleton bones printable set are tags that you can cut out and use to label your DIY kids skeleton costume!

skeleton bones printable tags for kids in a pile. One tied with ribbon. "Cranium" "pelvis" "tibia" "femur" "ulna" "ribs" "clavicle" "vertebrae" "humerus"
These bone labels can be used for anything, so take learning everywhere!

Start by learning the bones that are on the skeleton and then start learning the ones that were left out.  Once you are familiar with the basic skeleton, it is fun to see all the variations you can identify through the Halloween season.


This Halloween you can be scary smart when it comes to bones!

Check out this awesome skeleton coloring pages!

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  1. I love this mini-lesson. Funny – my daughter is deathly afraid of skeletons and ghosts, but wants to go out as a ghost again this year. Thanks for sharing your printable with Afterschool!

  2. Too cute! My daughter is very interested in learning about anatomy and said that your skeleton printable was “super cute!” I can’t wait to get started on learning about skeletons and Halloween season is the perfect time to start!

  3. Hi just to let you know you have labelled the humerus as the lower arm bone, it is actually the upper arm bone. the lower ones are radius and ulnar. Love your blog but didn’t want folks teaching the wrong stuff. cheers

    1. Oh no! The arrow did go to the wrong bone. Thanks for the heads up. We will fix the printable. We actually labeled the lower arm bone twice. So sorry!


  4. Fun! My kids love learning about their body. I love this printable! We will definitely be using this. (though I may NEED to use that key) I’m a little rusty. I love teaching the kids because I get to learn all over again too. Thanks for sharing. Pinning now!

  5. I so, so, so love this activity! I really haven’t seen much on introducing anatomy to kids- especially in such a cute way. I also sort of wish human skeletons were actually proportioned like your printable. People would be adorable!