18 Easy Crafts for Kids

Easy crafts are the best kind of crafts!  Making things easy for little ones to do makes them that much more excited to try them. It also makes it easy for mom to just be able to rummage through the house and create a craft.

Here are a few easy crafts for kids that we found  from some of our favorite sources.

18 Easy Kids Crafts - Kids Activities Blog


18 Easy Crafts for Kids

I truly believe that kids crafts should be easy!  Why make fun complicated?  <—Usually when you do, it backfires!  So grab stuff you already have at home to create these fun craft ideas for kids.

1.  Make a nature collage!  Step outside and start this easy craft with a treasure hunt.  The rest is pure natural art!

2. A pretty butterfly suncatcher is an easy afternoon craft to make and creates a gorgeous result.  Use construction paper as a template and fill in the holes with different colored tissue paper.

3. Create a sweet owl from this printable.  It really is easy – a little glue and scissor action and you are done.

4.  Make your own nerf gun!  Use a small piece of PVC pipe, a balloon and a rubber band and you have yourself a nerf dart popper.

5.  3 simple projects from one plastic cup!  Don’t throw that disposable cup into the recycling bin before you explore all its possibilities.

6.  Make a foil collage by gluing bits of tissue paper, ribbons or glitter onto tin foil.  Tin foil can be used to create all sorts of things!

7.  This listening game starts with a fun and easy craft perfect for kids who could use some listening practice.

8.  Grab a blank coloring page and instead of using crayons, use pieces of construction or tissue paper to fill it in.  Just glue them on to make a little piece of artwork.

9.  Paper weaving craft for kids.  You used to do it as a kid…now your kids will love it too!

10.  Now that summer is coming to an end, use those pool noodles to create something fun!  Cut them into small pieces and wrap half a balloon around one end to create a pom pom shooter.

11.  Make a jet pack.  OK, this might not be the simplest craft on this list, but it could be the coolest.

12.  Make some paper plate bugs by painting and cutting them into a ladybug or a snail!  The possibilities are endless with paper plate crafts.

13.  This button bracelet is easy enough to make that some of the younger crafters can get involved with help.

14.  You can create pet rocks by finding a smooth rock and painting it like your favorite animal.  Grab your green paints and start with this rock turtle.

15.  Create a bouquet out of pipe cleaners…it doesn’t get much simpler than that!

16.  Make paper airplanes and then try flying them through these plane hangers.  Assign points and make it a game!

17. This paper tube octopus will be a favorite activity…you may need to make an ocean full!

18.  Make heart stones.  It is a sweet craft that will be treasured!

Please share your favorite easy craft for kids on our FB wall!  We would love to see what you are creating at home.


  1. Oh I love the colouring book idea!
    Thanks for featuring our collage activity 🙂

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