Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix Inspired Cup Crafts for Kids

There is a new snack in town…literally.

Hormel ® REV ® Meat Snack Mix has rolled out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a limited time in nearly 20 Kroger locations.  We were excited to be in the chosen location so that we could work with Hormel on spreading the word and celebrating National Snack Foods Month {February}.

Snacking is now considered the 4th eating occasion. -National Eating Trends, NPD Group

Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix

The box arrived and my kids went crazy.  They thought that this was the best idea EVER for a snack!  Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix come in Honey Mustard Bacon {yes, bacon!}, Turkey Ranch, Pepperoni & Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza and Spicy BBQ & Bacon {yes, bacon!}.

REV Meat Snack Mix - Pepperoni Pizza - Kids Activities Blog

The kids grabbed them.  Seriously, it was like feeding time at the zoo.

Why isn’t MEAT a part of every snack mix?

My boys love them!

I like that they don’t have to be refrigerated, are easy to toss into a bag and are a protein-rich snack.  Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix is made with real meat with bold flavors.

We soon had empty snack cups.  But as you know, nothing goes to waste here at Kids Activities Blog!  The shrinkwrap was easily removed and then the play began!

Cup Crafts for Kids

We came up with three uses for the empty cups.

Cup Crafts Sponsored by Hormel Rev Meat Snack Mix

Cup Flip Game

Turn the cup upside-down and place a golf ball {easy} or ping pong ball {harder} to balance on the base of the cup.  Using one hand in a fluid motion flip the cup catching the ball before it hits the ground.

Flying UFO

Cut a hole in one end and thread streamers created from strips of garbage bags through securing the inside ends together in a knot.  Tape two cups together and add googly eyes on the front end.  Take outside and toss across the backyard.

Really Mini Golf

Cut an opening in one side of the cup and cover the rough edge with tape.  Turn the cup upside-down and grab a golf putter and golf ball.  Make multiple Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix cup holes to create a 9 hole course in your living room.

Protein-Rich Snacking

Each of the snack mixes we tried had at least 8 grams of protein per serving.  I am pretty sure this will help keep my oldest son out of the school’s vending machine!

REV Meat Snack Mix in tennis bag - Kids Activities Blog

He participates in tennis every day after school and is always trying to figure out what to buy out of the vending machine to satisfy his growing-boy hunger.  It is really easy just to drop one of these snack cups into his tennis bag!

Easy enough that even a 13 year old boy can do it.

Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix are exclusively available at select Kroger stores in the DFW area {and select Smith’s stores in Salt Lake City}.  Participating Kroger stores are:  2 N Beach stores, S Cooper, Matlock, Boulevard 26, 14th St., Little Elm Parkway, E Bethany, Rufe Snow, Teasley, N Greenville, E Broad, Frankford, Harwood, Highway 78, Independence Parkway, Coit Road, E Pioneer Parkway and S Macarthur Blvd.

Kids Activities Blog is excited to be partnered with Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix Program and this post is part of my involvement in the group.  While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in this post are my own.


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