This week's pick for our  best blog  feature is  Playdough to Plato. We are featuring an interview with Malia  today and rounding up some of our favorite Playdough to Plato posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won't want to miss! Playdough to plato

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Playdough to Plato blog will help you playfully teach reading, writing and math to your little ones. Malia shares her  favorite tricks and tips for teaching young children these skills and believes that kids will be ahead of the game with developing certain skills before heading off to school.

Playdough to Plato

We are interviewing Malia today to find out about the mom behind Playdough to Plato. Why did you begin blogging? I’m a primary grade teacher by training. When my youngest was born, I decided to spend a few years outside of the classroom but I knew that I needed to keep one foot in education. I had come too far and loved it too much to just walk away. Playdough to Plato was born. What do you hope to inspire in the parents who read your blog? I hope to inspire parents to take an active role in teaching their children how to read and write – two skills that set kids up for success in school. Learning can be so much fun and I love having the chance to share my favorite tricks and tips for teaching in playful, hands-on ways. What is it like to live in your home? I am the proud mother of two adorable boys – ages 3 and 1. They are funny, thoughtful, hard working and so kind. I feel like one lucky mama. teacher and three preschoolers plazing with wooden blocks What are your kids favorite activities? Choosing just one favorite kids activity is so difficult. When the weather is nice, we love walking down to our neighborhood park and playing on the equipment. When the weather is rainy (and it often is in Seattle!) we enjoy reading books, painting and cooking together. What is important to YOU as a blogger? What started as a little know blog with a handful of followers has become a trusted and well-respected resource for parents and teachers across the web. We were even featured in Parenting Magazine. {Definitely one of those pinch-me kind of moments.} What is your advice to readers? Enjoy every minute – time flies by so quickly.

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You can catch Malia and Playdough to Plato on  Facebook, as Playdough2Plato on Twitter  and on Pinterest. Thanks so much, Malia for sharing your love of teaching with us today and inspiring us to enjoy every moment with our kids.

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