Boy activities are essential to a peaceful boy household.  Any boy mom will agree!  We have featured some of our favorite activities for girls in the past, but today we are ALL boy! Earlier today we featured Frugal Fun 4 Boys as our best blog pick!  Now we are sharing some of Sarah’s favorite posts about boy activities. boy activities

Boys, Boys, Boys

Being a mom of all boys myself, I can appreciate Sarah’s situation!  I love how she jumps in and keeps the boys happy with fun and educational things to do.  One of my favorite posts of hers is full of fun for moms –  You Might be a Mom of All Boys If.

Boy Activities

Let’s jump right into things to do with boys.  Here are some boy activities that are sure to keep even the most inquisite fellow out of trouble… Cup Rocket Launcher – easy concept to get cups hopping around the living room! Ping Pong Ball Shooters – create hours of fun from balloons, cups and carefully chosen projectiles. Paper plate marble track – I love this idea created from paper plates and wooden blocks. Magnetic Duck Pond – inspired by the book, Make Way for Ducklings, this activity was a boy-pleaser. Measuring the Length of Sea Animals – a fun measuring activity with a subject matter that boys were excited about. Lego Structure Challenge – challenge boys to create things bigger and better with the blocks they love. Preschool Coordination Exercises – teaching kids gross motor skills is fun and ACTIVE. Candy graphing – learning basic graphing skills with manipulatives and graphs. Scrabble Spelling – learning to spell is so much more fun for boys when it involves a game! Soap Carving – older boys don’t have to be left out of the boy activity fun! Lego Photography – I am doing this today!  Have boys set up a scene and photograph it themselves. Superhero Paper Dolls – Free and easy to create kind of dress up game for boys!

Art for Boys

Boy activities can be artistic too.  I love these projects where Sarah incorporated art education into fun. Pattern Block Art – using block shapes and construction paper, art was created in a boy-approved way! Impressions in Play Dough – learning about texture and more with play dough. Impressionist Paintings – inspired by the masters, boys can create art. Thanks so much Frugal Fun 4 Boys for letting us share these super fun boy activities!

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