11 {Simple Play} Activity Ideas

Often the simple play activity ideas are the ones that engage our kids the longest.   This week we are featuring one of our favorite blogs {or best blog}  What Do We Do All Day.

Here are just a few of the simple play activities that they love to do with their kids!
11 simple play activities for kids to do - #ece #play

Simple Play

Here is a simple Kids Activity using a cardboard box, cut a hole in it and watch your children drop blocks.   Erica says it entertains her boys for hours.

Give your toy cars a bath.   Get a pan of suds out and have fun cleaning.   It’s a fun cleaning game.

Entertain kids.   Hide some toys in shaving cream.   Enjoy your kids as they dig out the items.

Don’t want to deal with the mess of paint?   Try creating art with water.

Kids Play.   Make ramps to roll your cars down using “big books”.

Get straws out and a pan of water.   Have your kids aim and try to blow water into a cup or a pan.   Guaranteed to be several hours of entertainment (even it is a touch wet).

Play board games with your children.   Most of our children’s favorite games are included in her list!!

Play with a rectangle.   There are a half dozen activities you can do with a rectangle.

Water play.   Freeze a collection of items into a block of ice and watch the items melt in a warm bath.

Build with cardboard.   Cut circles out of the cardboard and create with the disks.

Activity Ideas

How do your kids enjoy the simple things??

If you are a blogger, leave a link to one of your favorite kids activities!!   And be sure to check out this week’s “Best Blog”, What Do We Do All Day.   You can also visit her on facebook, twitter & browse her collection of ideas and inspirations over at Pinterest.


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