Printable Tracing 0-9 Practice Worksheets

Learning the numbers doesn’t have to be boring or difficult! These printable tracing 0-9 practice worksheets are perfect for introducing numbers to preschoolers and toddlers.

Take out the crayons and watch your kid develop their fine motor skills as they practice tracing and identifying their first numbers!

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Learning the numbers 0-9 has never been so fun before.

Free Printable Tracing Practice 0-9 worksheets

Children usually develop the ability to understand the concept of counting when they are toddlers, between two and four years old. While these worksheets are perfect for toddlers and kindergarteners, kids of all ages can use them to practice holding the pencil or simply recognizing the numbers.

In fact, these worksheets are also an awesome way to master using a pencil before actually holding one. So you get multiple benefits in one PDF file!

Let’s see what we need to make the best out of this great resource!

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This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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These printables are perfect for a classroom environment or at-home practice.

This printable set include 4 different activities to really help kids recognize each number between 0 to 9. Each page includes:

  • An activity to trace the number multiple times
  • An activity to write the number multiple times
  • An activity to recognize the specific number among many numbers
  • A drawing activity
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Our worksheet pdf is free and ready to be downloaded and printed right now!

Toddlers can practice holding a pencil if they feel ready for the challenge, but if they find it too difficult, crayons work fine as well. The goal is to learn how to recognize the numbers 0-9.

Click to download and print the 0-9 tracing pdf file:

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