Today we are learning all about Aquarius with our Aquarius facts printable pages! Simple download and print the fun facts about Aquarius and have some fun while learning about this fascinating Zodiac sign. Our printable fun facts pdf includes two pages filled with Aquarius pictures and facts about Aquarius that kids of all ages will enjoy at home or in the classroom.

Set of printable aquarius facts coloring pages with crayons and decoration around it. From Kids Activities Blog
Let’s learn some cool facts about Aquarius!

Free Printable Aquarius Facts For Kids

Aquarius is the 10th largest constellation… but how much do we know about Aquarius natives? If you are an Aquarius woman or Aquarius man and want to know some fun facts about this airy sign, keep reading! Download and print our Aquarius fun facts now:

Aquarius Fun Facts Printable Pages

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We are sharing the most interesting facts about the sign of Aquarius in printable fun fact pages, so you can enjoy coloring as you learn about it! The printable PDF includes two black-and-white fun fact pages with Aquarius traits, famous Aquarius people, and more fun facts! Many people think Aquarius is one of the water signs, but did you know it’s actually an air sign? Aquarius people are unique individuals, good listeners, and deep thinkers. Aquarius hates small talk! They prefer having close friends and spending a lot of time together having interesting conversations instead of making random acquaintances.

But that’s not all about the Aquarius sign!

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Fun Aquarius Facts To Share With Your Friends

Aquarius Facts printed pdf file page one shown in black and white with 5 interesting fats for kids about aquarius
Did you know these facts about Aquarius people?
  1. Aquarius (??) is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac.
  2. People born between January 20 and February 18 are Aquarius.
  3. The constellation’s name means the water bearer or the cup-bearer.
  4. If we connect the dots between the stars that form the Aquarius constellation, we can see the shape of a young man who pours water out of a vase. 
  5. He pours the water into the mouth of a fish, which is part of the constellation below, Pisces.

More Aquarius Fun Facts

Aquarius Facts printed pdf file page two shown in black and white with 5 interesting fats for kids about aquarius
Aquarius are deep thinkers.
  1. Aquarius is not easily identified in the night sky because it has few very bright stars.
  2. Aquarius is one of the constellations that has been known since ancient times.
  3. Aquarius people are humanitarians, progressive, broad-minded and creative. They are affectionate and friendly by nature.
  4. Aquarius are compatible with Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and other Aquarius.
  5. Some famous Aquarius people are: Harry Styles, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elizabeth Olsen, Stormi Webster.
Set of printable aquarius facts coloring pages with crayons and decoration around it. From Kids Activities Blog
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Download Aquarius Fun Facts Printable PDF

Aquarius Fun Facts Printable Pages

Even More Aquarius FUn Facts To Share With Your Friends

We know you love learning, so here are more fun facts about the Aquarius zodiac sign:

  1. Some famous Aquarius women are Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Elizabeth Olsen.
  2. And some famous Aquarius men are Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, and Dick Cheney.
  3. The constellation Aquarius, the water bearer, is visible in the fall in the northern hemisphere and in spring in the southern hemisphere.
  4. The Aquarius personality is very interesting: they are big-picture thinkers, like to do things in their own way (some may say they are a little eccentric too), and are full of creative ideas.
  5. One of the best Aquarius characteristics is that they have a deep sense of justice and a very affectionate personality!
  6. The brightest star in the Aquarius constellation is a rare yellow supergiant star known as beta aquarii, and the second brightest is alpha aquarii.


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