This simple Valentine game is a Valentine activity that is quite magnetic.  Seriously!  It uses magnets to create a new maze with each play. Kids Activities Blog loves when simple things turn into games especially in the name of a holiday, Valentines. Valentine activity for kids

Valentine Game

Navigating your way through a maze by pushing a button can be challenging. Trying to get it through a maze from below the maze is even more challenging. This easy to put together Valentine game uses a button magnet for maze negotiation.  There is a second button on the other side of the folder that secretly does the guiding. Valentine activity for kids idea

Valentine Activity

How did we put this magnetic maze together? Materials:
  • heart shaped stickers
  • glue
  • 1 large and 1 medium size button
  • manila folder
  • printout of a maze from the web or a hand drawn maze
  • two small magnets
  1. Glue the maze to right hand side of a manila folder.
  2. Place heart shaped stickers around the maze to give it a Valentine’s Day feel.
  3. Glue a magnet to the back of each of the buttons.

Create Your Own Valentine Activity!

Each child will likely find a different way to play this Valentine game.  My son tilted the folder up a little so he could see both the top and bottom of the folder. I held the top button at the beginning of the maze and he placed the bottom button underneath the button I had at the beginning of the maze. He knew it was in the right place when the button was held in place and didn’t slide around. Valentine day activity Once the two magnets were working together, he was able to slowly move the button underneath the folder through the maze. It wasn’t easy. There were several moves that took the top button through walls and into corners. This is not an activity that you can do quickly.  There is a lot of eye hand coordination and planning that goes into making it successfully from one end of the maze to the other. It is a really fun way to work on mazes and play with magnets though.  You could create blockades to a simple maze with the addition of other magnets or stickers.

Valentine Activities for Kids

Kids Activities Blog LOVES Valentines Day and all the Valentine games and activities we can find.  If you are looking for other heart day related activities, please check these out:

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  1. No only is that very cute, but also very creative and great for developmental exercises! That really would work finger dexterity too! I love it!

  2. I love the use of magnets in this activity! Such a fun way to teach concepts and celebrate Valentine’s Day too.

    1. Great idea! Here is another one you will love! Is everyone growing TickleMe Plants this year? My kids flipped when they grew them in class and saw the they reacted to being Tickled and blown a KISS!
      It sure beats growing a lima bean.
      See this video and by all means grow your own.